This "Forever Living" Chemical Turns 60 Years Of Age!

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If we never see Erin Brokovitch invited by any mainstream TV anchor, there is no need to think too far. Controlling perceptions is everything. So after 4 years of Trump-EPA bashing, the so-called progressives would rather prefer such news not to go viral: Biden's choice is very telling about the establishment again.

Although we praise Erin's activism, we chose this article to remind the World of the ticking clock. Remember what we said in our blog yesterday, that science never fixes its own errors, well here is another one to add to our list!

We won't resolve the conundrum unless we begin to care about life. All life. Issues are not separated. We are the ones fragmented. And deep within on top of that.

C.A.R.E is "the" Natural law that binds all other ones. Only caring to keep an open mind and constantly pushing the boundaries of one's own perceptions will bring about peace and abundance. Trying to ignore the world we live in while hoping to pursuit our merry ways leads to nowhere but the brick wall.

When we hear that Love fixes everything, in fact, we should use the word C.A.R.E. It is about humility and endorsing the Law as the only real value in the entire Universe. Our molecular machines also care about keeping us alive and restlessly work toward this goal.

For Life to be sustained the mating of the elements is necessary. And these elements have an inherent empathy toward others that helps them reproduce at will. Everything is where it has to be. In the Greater Scheme Of All Things, even those that do not mate must cooperate. And this means that even if we don't think alike our task is to ensure that Life perpetuates itself. This has to be a common goal.

C.A.R.E is not about hugging each other per se, but an individual motion and realization. The concept of altruism has distorted the meaning and it is exactly why altruism does not work on a grand scale. C.A.R.E requires a constant individual focus that cannot be enforced by its financialization, any groupthink nor political body.

Supporting organizations financing "tree planting" for example will have little to no effect unless we also join a chorus to shut down the worst corporate offenders in the first place and downsize the world economy accordingly.

The Principle of Care demands to care about the entirety of humankind. We may care about our own existence all we want but if we end up acting against the greater good, the Law of Cause and Effect will remind us in due time that we're on the wrong path. Generally, we regard these warnings as necessary evils but they really aren't.

It just is that we're not educated to decipher the latter, so we think that the world is just like that: unredeemable and lost.

Such processes have to become self-evident within each of us. This is what the Awakening is really about. The lifting of the Veil. The message transpiring from this global quagmire is right in our faces now... but how much worse does it have to get before a majority cares enough to begin the healing of our "trauma factory" called society?

Microplastics everywhere in the environment and the air we breathe, this PFOA forever chemical among many others, the illusion of Wallstreet-driven renewable boom, trawling to fish ever more and destroying sea beds along with ocean's ecosystems, human gluttony causing animals to suffer needlessly and spreading chronic diseases, overconsumerism threatening natural resources, pharmaceutical ignoring our toxic environment but waging a war on viruses and bacteria while without the latter life couldn't possibly exist...

All this clearly tells us that time to C.A.R.E has come.

The president-elect has tapped a former DuPont consultant to join his Environmental Protection Agency transition board By Erin Brockovich | Thu 19 Nov 2020
Michael McCabe, a former employee of Biden and a former deputy Environmental Protection Agency administrator, later jumped ship to work as a consultant on communication strategy for DuPont during a time when the chemical company was looking to fight regulations of their star chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) also known as C8. The toxic manmade chemical is used in everything from waterproof clothes, stain-resistant textiles and food packaging to non-stick pans. The compound has been linked to lowered fertility, cancer and liver damage. The Guardian reported this week that Harvard school of public health professor Philippe Grandjean, who studies environmental health, warns that PFAS chemicals, of which PFOA is one, might reduce the efficacy of a Covid-19 vaccine.

PFOA pollutes the blood of nearly every American and can pass from mother to unborn child in the womb. This toxic product of industry is a stable compound not easily broken down in the environment or in the human body, giving it the nickname “forever chemical”. Scientists have found it in living beings across the globe – from animals living in the depths of the sea to birds on remote islands.

The Environmental Protection Agency has set no enforceable national drinking water limits for perfluorinated chemicals, including PFOA. Tens of thousands of community drinking water systems across the country have never even tested for these contaminants.

Mind you, DuPont suspected that their product was harmful since the 1960s – experiments they conducted in 1961 showed that PFOS affected the livers of dogs and rabbits. McCabe’s work inevitably contributed to staving off costly clean-up and additional regulation headaches for the company.