The Rise of DNA Data Storage And The Artilect War

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As days pass by headlines corroborating our point of view keep accumulating and converge toward the only possible aftermath: we are the computers!

Here again, we found 2 articles evidencing what we have been writing about on a regular basis. If you recall a few blogs ago we had to agree with some of the most sinister projections (sold to us as an inescapable future) that AI will mimick human consciousness through a brain chip and that all the data will be encrypted into our DNA as AI sees it fit.

WIRED: If successful, DNA storage could be the answer to a uniquely 21st-century problem: information overload. Five years ago humans had produced 4.4 zettabytes of data; that's set to explode to 160 zettabytes (each year!) by 2025. Current infrastructure can handle only a fraction of the coming data deluge, which is expected to consume all the world's microchip-grade silicon by 2040.

The trick is to make believe that they will need to become "superhumans" if they want to be able to handle such a huge amount of data but this makes no sense at all because, at that level of knowledge, we'd lose our physical appearance and be like living inside a computer, we would no longer have the ability to connect with our current 3D reality.

It is impossible to have it both ways.

The word "superhumans" is used as a bait and to recruit those willing to sell "their selves" (and make lots of money supposedly) so that AI can self-improve using human DNA as storage. There have been various sci-fi flicks showing wired human bodies floating inside artificial wombs while plunged into a perpetual virtual reality already, so that type of scenario isn't that far fetched. Welcome to immortality?

DNA-synthesis companies like Twist Bioscience charge between 7 and 9 cents per base. That means a single minute of high-quality stereo sound could be stored for just under $100,000.

There will be nonetheless real "superhumans" but which are those who can afford it and they will be called Artilects. And those who cannot, will either become DNA storage for the Artilects under the guise of being offered immortality... or rebels willing to fight back.

But what is an Artilect would you ask? A biological intelligence augmented artificially, having super-biological mental capability. Even if this sounds like coming from the movie "The Watchmen", this future isn't that far ahead anymore. Here is an article, written by Hugo de Garis, that was written 11 years ago:

FORBES: The Coming Artilect War (2009) Given the rate at which technologies are developing that enable "artilects"--artificial intellects--it is likely that humanity will be able to build artilects with mental capacities that are literally trillions upon trillions of times above the human level. What is also needed is the appropriate human brain-like neural circuitry, but this is coming too. Nanotechnology, or molecular scale engineering, is increasingly supplying the tools to decipher the secrets of human brain function. (see link below)

Our definition of Artilects is not exactly the same as that of Hugo de Garis, but it does not matter that much. What is utterly important here is to understand the "set up". And it is time to think way ahead because the end of mankind as we know it, could occur as soon as 2040-50, which is only 20-30 years ahead. That's precisely why it is our duty to make this info viral.

As you read this, the "happy ending" is very elusive when aware that Elon Musk's twelve thousand 5G satellites are already dancing above our heads in the stratosphere while brain chipping is here now! We never thought time would go by that fast.

Our ability to maneuver is shrinking by the weeks and turning a blind eye is not going to make the threat go away. If we are serious about winning, we must now dare stand up for our selves, more than ever before.

FORBES: ... This will be the worst, most passionate war that humanity has ever known, because the stakes--the survival of our species--have never been so high. Given the period in which this war will occur, the late 21st century, with late 21st century weapons, the scale of the killing will not be in the millions, as in the 20th century (the bloodiest in history, with 200-300 million people killed in wars, purges, holocausts and genocides) but in the billions. There will be gigadeath.

Hugo de Garis: The Artilect War (5mins)

The Rise of DNA Data Storage | WIRED 2018
Scientists have long touted DNA’s potential as an ideal storage medium; it’s dense, easy to replicate, and stable over millennia. And in the past few years, researchers have encoded all kinds of things in those strings of As, Ts, Cs, and Gs: War and Peace, Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water,” a galloping horse GIF. But in order to replace existing silicon-chip or magnetic-tape storage technologies, DNA will have to get a lot cheaper to predictably read, write, and package.

MIND GAMES Elon Musk wants to connect your BRAIN to a computer this year as ‘awesome’ Neuralink mind-chip prepares to launch (Feb 5, 2020)
The kooky billionaire believes his brain interface tech will turn humans into a genius super race. His plan to "save the human race" involves wiring computer chips into our minds to merge us with artificial intelligence.
Musk has previously claimed that the updated version of Neuralink may be "in a human as soon as this year".
A concept design of Musk's updated vision has not yet been revealed, nor do we know if it will even work.
However, Musk is optimistic and thinks the device could even be used to "restore brain and motor functions".

We can easily foresee that it will depend on 5G but awareness is ever-growing and its implementation is being seriously challenged. You can watch the free 5G documentary and read their updates here

The Coming Artilect War (2009)

Your DNA Is Not For Sale!

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