The 3 States Of Consciousness: Atheism Debunked ?

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The other day I found myself engaged in a thread dealing with Consciousness and said that atheism was quickly debunkable. Of course, a few giggled and challenged me. And here is what I replied:

Well, you know, it depends on how much one is willing to resist the obvious, but yes, the Universe is geometrically arranged and fractal, and this is NO coincidence otherwise, mathematics, which is the language of Life, wouldn't make any sense. So there you go, there is an "intelligent design" in this sense, whatever you want to call "IT". That does not matter. "IT" is there and speaking to us mathematically. Humans didn't invent math, math is embedded in the fabric of space and time... we merely discovered it. Mathematics has a metaphysical origin. The mathematics of consciousness so to speak. This is something postmaterialist scientists are finally beginning to comprehend, but that was already known some 4,000 years ago. How could we have lost that knowledge, do you think?

While searching for clips for our next video about "fractal thinking", we came across a kind of scary statement by The New Scientist. Rather scary because the latter is just another potential huge threat to Academia. Here is the line that they do not want you to know about:

At stake is far more than the way galaxies cluster. A fractal universe could undermine cosmology’s most basic assumptions.

Further in the video below, we also have Terence Mckenna who observed that nature is self-similar across scales, which is the evidence of the fractal universe. A mathematical and thus an intelligent universe. McKenna contends that the scientific acknowledgment of a fractal cosmology will cause the reformation of science. Randomness and coincidences are the only explanations left when the theory is wrong. This is a 30 min lecture worth your time but the first 5 minutes are already priceless!

Talking of the mathematics of consciousness, we ran into this medium article, written in 2014, and whose headline got our vivid attention immediately: Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas

MEDIUM: In 2008, Tononi proposed that a system demonstrating consciousness must have two specific traits. First, the system must be able to store and process large amounts of information. In other words consciousness is essentially a phenomenon of information.

Although the Medium article still considers that consciousness arises from the laws of physics (actually it goes the other round), what is very compelling here is that "some" scientists have figured out that consciousness IS information embedded in the fabric of the Universe, space and time.

This is really a giant leap, folks!

And yes, it goes the other way round because "ancient traditions" (from the Mystery Schools) assert that Mentalism is the starting point of everything. And consciousness in fact is the Mind of the Universe, also creating the DNA.

MEDIUM: And second, this information must be integrated into a unified whole so that it is impossible to divide into independent parts. That reflects the experience that each instance of consciousness is a unified whole that cannot be decomposed into separate components.

Yet another acknowledgment from the scientific community: consciousness is an absolutely unified field. And in our dimension, we have 3 states possible: solid, liquid, gaseous. There also is pure energy and vibration though. Eventually, they will have to recognize it too. But we cannot know how consciousness functions in the higher dimensions and some claim that there are 9 of them, or even 12.

MEDIUM: Next, Tegmark discusses perceptronium, defined as the most general substance that feels subjectively self-aware. This substance should not only be able to store and process information but in a way that forms a unified, indivisible whole. That also requires a certain amount of independence in which the information dynamics is determined from within rather than externally.

Such speculations are very sci-fi oriented. But Harald Kautz-Vela, an Austrian scientist whose videos are on youtube is of the opinion that that substance is some kind of "goo" that appears when a planet is born. That "goo" has also very good intentions. Still, according to Kautz-Vela, there also exists a "black goo" that quite sinister.

Reality is stranger than fiction and the more science is going to delve into it the more we'll discover the magic universe. A science-based magic. Nothing is like it seems but how exciting!


(sorry I corrected the 2 first link 2 hours after publishing)
Terence Mckenna - The informational field of nature is conscious (2014)

Mckenna: The Nature of Nature

Multidimensional Universe Discovered In our Brains: As Above so Below

Harald Kautz Vella Black Programmable matter-Black Goo,(2018)


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Your devastating reply to atheists is not very plausible. The universe is not fractal....yawn.

The universe has been observed to be homogeneous and isotropic (i.e. is smoothly distributed) at very large scales, as is expected in a standard Big Bang or FLRW cosmology, and in most interpretations of the Lambda-Cold Dark Matter model. The scientific consensus interpretation is that the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) suggests that things do indeed smooth out above 100 Megaparsecs.

Einstein was right once again, matter is randomly scattered throughout the universe: