Research On Psychedelics Interested In Ego Dissolution?

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Just like LSD, MDMA (which is ecstasy) Ketamine is a bigpharma product of the previous century. It is thus not a plant medicine but does cause hallucinations.

Ketamine stands apart from similar medicines because of its unique properties and position within the world of psychedelics. Its effects are a combination of qualities similar to other psychedelic and natural medicines—it’s an analgesic like cannabis, an anesthetic like kambo, can have euphoric effects like MDMA, and induces deep visionary experiences like ibogaine or ayahuasca. (psychedelic times)

Aldous Huxley's Dystopian dream was to have a fully medicated society, and his dream might just be on its way to come true. Even though our society already is medicated with porn, alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs illegal and prescription drugs, we definitely are at crossroads again. 

Pharmaceuticals have embarked on the quest for manipulating our emotions with psychedelics. A brain that can think for itself is subversive and needs to be controlled. The growing success of Ayahuasca and Iboga especially opened the door to the legalization of these plant medicines because of their strong healing properties. 

Ayahuasca Retreats and Churches have begun to pop up nationwide and it's very easy to find them on google today. Even though their services have gotten a little pricier over time, one still can save the airfare to Latin America. People healing themselves with the help of shamanic mentors is not acceptable according to pharmaceutical consensus because that represents billions of dollars in market losses.

Neuroscience would rather see us like machines with switches that can be turned on and off at will. The dream has come true with ketamine.

The drug war being lost, the only solution was to show strong support of psychedelics and start the takeover of the trend, while claiming the virtues of science as a savior. Neuroscience is racing to control our emotions and reactions and ketamin is getting the most attention. But why?  

The psychedelic switch is set to become the new pharmaceutical Eldorado and you will see that soon enough, microdosing of ketamine available for all kinds of traumas and depression. The drug Esketamine is already on the market. Science does not care at all about indigenous knowledge and practices at all. Plant medicines will remain part of the alternative research.  

Since it is glutamate that regulates the level of ego-dissolution, studies can now move forward while removing any plant-based knowledge, bypassing Nature. Science is very good at thinking it can do better than Nature. Just look at the state of the planet... so how is this going to end again?

The article encouraging the use of Ketamine and cannabis is another eye-opener telling us that neuroscientists regard society as a rat race and will push imbalances so that individuals do not only become even more dependent on prescription drugs but more and more separate from the spiritual realm. Just in case you didn't know ketamine is also a top drug rape. Indeed, what could go wrong since addiction to ketamine is a fact now?

Turning the psychedelics into another industry is exactly what we feared a few years ago. And the only way to stop this is to realize that a for-profit society isn't the answer.


New analysis claims the FDA rushed ketamine's approval for depression treatment Clinical trials by Janssen Pharmaceuticals showed troubling results. 12 June, 2020 |

  • A new analysis in The British Journal of Psychiatry claims the FDA approval process for ketamine was rushed.
  • Only one of three clinical trials showed efficacy, while the discontinuation trial produced troubling outcomes.
  • Ketamine's side effects include anxiety, poor appetite, delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, rage, and craving.

23 May 2020 Me, myself, bye: regional alterations in glutamate and the experience of ego dissolution with psilocybin. There is growing interest in the therapeutic utility of psychedelic substances, like psilocybin, for disorders characterized by distortions of the self-experience, like depression. Accumulating preclinical evidence emphasizes the role of the glutamate system in the acute action of the drug on brain and behavior; however this has never been tested in humans. Following a double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group design, we utilized an ultra-high field multimodal brain imaging approach and demonstrated that psilocybin (0.17 mg/kg) induced region-dependent alterations in glutamate, which predicted distortions in the subjective experience of one’s self (ego dissolution). Whereas higher levels of medial prefrontal cortical glutamate were associated with negatively experienced ego dissolution, lower levels in hippocampal glutamate were associated with positively experienced ego dissolution. Such findings provide further insights into the underlying neurobiological mechanisms of the psychedelic, as well as the baseline, state. Importantly, they may also provide a neurochemical basis for therapeutic effects as witnessed in ongoing clinical trials.

Cannabis And Ketamine: Is There A Risk Of Interaction? June 22, 2020 | Used for thousands of years, cannabis ignites the CB1 and CB2 receptors, offering positive effects throughout the human body. Both help the body experience euphoria, and recently, researchers studied the use of both drugs to better understand their links and interactions. In 2015, the journal Biological Psychiatry found that one patient experienced an interaction with their bipolar drugs. While all drugs have the risk of interaction, a lack of available studies and research keep the specifics around drug interactions with cannabis difficult to pinpoint.  According to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), they believe both cannabis and ketamine have the potential to treat certain conditions, with some considerations.    


lol one day humans will come to peace with their ego

Very nice article!
I agree with almost all of ur points, except:

And the only way to stop this is to realize that a for-profit society isn't the answer.

Cuz my reply was longer than expected and I think more people should see it, I made an article out of it :)

thanks but I have to say that in a money-free society value is determined by the natural resources available and characterized by a circular and sharing economy. Anything that is not recyclable, nor can be shared is discarded. For example, you need a chainsaw, you do not need to buy or ask your pal to borrow it, but just go to the sharing store and get one for the time you need then bring it back. So the market will produce way fewer chainsaws. The same with almost everything.

Maybe you have missed my article but in less than 10 years from now, only 20% of people will have a car, and that means better public transportation and carpooling.

If you work along with Nature, you pollute much much less. But that requires a different mindset. It is a different premise. Both cannot be compared. But if we want to drastically reduce pollution, there won't be a choice.

Also automation has to replace all slave labor and tedious jobs... when all the above is taken into account, profits begin to look like an illusion...

so no money and no private property?

that's just like all socialists worldwide want it..

what if I just want money and just want to buy my own chainsaw? I'm not going to be allowed to?

so do you think we need to plan better to stop pollution or do we finally need to let the market plan better for itself (free markets, no money monopol, decentralized self-regulation?)

why do you want to make profits look like an illusion?
they already do. and we need to go back to real measurement units with which the market can plan.. (experts) instead of us (voting for bureaucrats who intervene in marketmechanisms)

sorry to say that but I really don't like the new cashless, borrowing socialism/ communism agenda.

what do you say? ^

She is under some kind of delusion that a sharing economy will scale above a few dozen people. It doesn't work at a larger scale. This is why we don't find any sharing economies outside of the few hunter gather societies left on the fringes of habitable lands.

The problem with this and all socialist economies is the problem of free riders. When you can just use a chainsaw for free, who is going to spend the effort to build one? No one, that's who. And soon all the chainsaws will break and whoops, we are back to using axes. And we continue in a downward spiral of inefficiency. Pretty soon, no one has anything. That is what earthcustodians wants, everyone to be as poor as her.

When you can just use a chainsaw for free, who is going to spend the effort to build one? No one, that's who. And soon all the chainsaws will break and whoops, we are back to using axes.

wrong when the chainsaw is broken, then it is repaired or replaced... capitalism can only lead to market obsolescence and the pillage of nature, therefore... but no surprise, you condone that, as much as you condone slave labor... so indeed to each his town..

now watch the world go down because everybody rushes after profits, abusing the system, taking more out than what one puts in... socialism and capitalism ARE SAME. No difference

lol capitalism and socialism are the same, right - in capitalism money is a product of markets (you can use the money you'd like) and in socialism it's forced upon everyone from a central authority through taxes and force.

in capitalism you have freedom of contract and private property, in socialism you don't. you don't even own ur own body.

totally the same

being after profit is not wrong. depends on the system.
Socialism (what we have now) is a centralized money monopol which can create as much money out of thin air as they want to then power their planned economy, if you also want some profits you gotta do the shit centralized authority and their planned economy (which is absolute not efficient) wants.

if you want some profit in capitalism you just gotta that what other people are willing to pay for.

please get ur facts right.

for you right and wrong are also the same, ain't they? nihilistic socialism for the win

I sadly watch the world go down cuz of people like you who still didnt learn out of millions of deaths cuz of communism, socialism and planned economy.

you want some meal tickets? which won't give you a meal in the next day? as if our actual financial system isnt unstable enough..

but yeah. let's just keep running in the same direction that provenly does not work.

but if socialism is so great, why do you take rewards for you contribution to society? please burn your rewards and give your great knowledge, time, effort for free - as real socialist everything else would be hypocrisy

socialism cannot exist without capitalism, both take more out than what they put in... duality/polarity is an illusion...

yes, cuz socialism is the parasite on capitalism which we need to get rid of

please tell me how someone can somehow get more than they put work into?

so I just rebuilt the half chainsaw but it is then a complete one?

duality is an illusion cuz it tells us that there aint anything between the extremes. polarity is a different thing, it has a spectrum between the poles.

I also have the feeling I got to tell you that socialism does not mean being social, cuz when everyone's starving you can't be social - you and others somehow gotta survive

but I guess you'll die while figuring out how to repair your chainsaw

Who will repair the chainsaw? And why would they take time out of their day to fix it? Let someone else fix it, I will just use this other one for free. I'll just leave the broken one over here on the side.

This is the problem with socialism. It doesn't seem so bad while capital is being destroyed when there is still a surplus of capital that was created by capitalists. The problem starts some time down the road. The capital is destroyed and not replaced at a faster and faster rate, driving quality of life down and down. Look at Venezuela. It was ok for the first few years of socialism, but it is steadily disintegrating at a faster and faster rate.

if you want property/ownership rights then people colluding cannot be stopped and they will continue to keep poor 80% of the population, it has been this way since ever, even under the gold standard... way before socialism was invented

there is no socialism or capitalism = both a same. They both need collusion to monopolize value and the market. They both work in tandem, they are 2 sides of the same coin. If you fall for this illusion, I do not.

What property? when you die, you cannot take anything with you... passing that on to your kids who are going to deal with the same illusion, and so on?

You can go sit on your head and scream as much as you want: value will remain subjective forever... that is why it is so easy to cheat people... the subjectivity of value cause fluctuations that eventually ruin the vast majority. Even under the gold standard, panics can easily be created by whatever colluding bodies.

I have written many pro-gold standard articles in my life and trust me, money was NEVER meant to enhance freedom but allowing a top 10% to rule and stay rich... that's the dilemma, but if you want to think otherwise we'll be still chatting in 20 years at this pace. Sorry

tell me how ur "economy" should work

cuz we already can't take out more than we put in. that's physics.
if you want gold, you gotta take a shovel and dig. you just transform your time into gold.

I'm neither right nor left.

Have you read the link?

lol socialism is not new. it's just neo-marxism and fusioned with keynianism

subjective value ain't bad, but you saying that explains a lot.
you should definetely educate yourself about market economy

you just talk some esoteric stuff like:

if you want property/ownership rights then people colluding cannot be stopped and they will continue to keep poor 80% of the population

stop talking - do some research


as long as people like you don't learn, it won't change for the better for you folks - you stand in ur own way

I will soon release a video telling how the commodification of life came about...

yes I believe that metaphysics rules over the material and this premise is verified by science actually... many scientists agree today that materialism as a theory is elusive and biased

a premise that merges metaphysics and materialism is the only way out


I also don't believe in materialism. I've written an article how quantum mechanics debunked materialism.

and still human action and economy is important. you can't use your anti-materialism to reason that nothing is important and everything is the same.

that's not anti-materialism but nihilism.

please inform yourself about austrian school and basic market economy.
maybe start with "human action" by mises

I've explained you enough but you don't even go into it.. just pull some other "arguments", that have nothing to do with anything we talk about rn, to justify yourself.

I'm not impressed and can only tell you that that's not enough.

please do the research before you talk about something, and especially before you talk against something

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