When The "Greater Good" Is Used As A Tool Of Social Control

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How the "Greater Good" is Used as a Tool of Social Control" video has a flaw because it neglects that the only common good possible must be guided by the duty to keep biodiversity healthy.

This is the main argument in favor of a money-free society. Money too often coerces into doing things corrupting the true human nature. That is why our education system and advertising are the arms of the ruling banking and political ideology.

As soon as we start consuming less, society falls apart. Materialism is a very destructive illusion. The recycling industry is still minimalist because there are more profits to make from abusing natural resources.

The Earth is the organism that rules all other ones on this planet, and we have to (must) remain in symbiosis or... else. It is only when we do so that our fellow humans benefit.

When the greater good is used to save society (other humans) it is becoming the ultimate trap because that stance is not wholistic at all. The Earth is the organism that rules all other ones and we have to remain in symbiosis. It is only when we do so that our fellow humans benefit.

Using a wording to do good for doing the exact opposite -- dualism twisted to no end -- works because humans are wired to feel interconnected. Many people have not been trained to see this. Self- education is really important here because we'll not learn about this at school. It is our duty to at least try educatings others.

It's a Natural Law turned against humanity by a "dark intent" that is very aware of this - the difference lies in the actions as this twisted dualism requires coercion.


Nature renders all human-made laws fruitless and even dangerous. Learning about Natural Laws is our life purpose. And peace will only unfold if we want to live by them.

Man-made laws will forever have (unintentional) loopholes because of the power structure embedded in these laws. Nature does not want any other rulers.

Groupthink does not work either because when under the influence of a group, individuals happen to make very different and riskier choices than when acting independently.

The only group that will succeed is a group teaching such fundamentals and praising decentralization so that nobody is really in power.

Once the group reaches a certain size and if not fully decentralized, the latter will become subjected to its advisors seeking to enforce "codes of conduct", all of which go against benevolence and thus leads to coercive behaviors.

Coercion also never works out because it cannot be sustained, unless by force. Any bit of external coercion will immediately grow exponentially because coercion is fundamentally a crime against Nature. Nature made it so so we can awaken to her immutable principles.

The only acceptable form of coercion is "self-discipline" initiated by the individual organically and benevolently. And this ideally has to be taught by the education system from a very early age. It is all about balance and grounding.

Conclusion: there is no surprise as to why the world is in such a mess!! The ruling ideology is a crime against Nature

We are posting the link, so you can compare liberatrianism with a Money-Free Stance

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Holy crap. The earth is not your mother, it is not a living organism. It is a spinning ball of molten iron and nickel with a thin crust of basalt. It doesn't care about what you do because it has no sentience. It could belch up a supervolcano tomorrow and all life would be wiped out and it wouldn't care in the least. You can't "save" the earth from anything...

Grow up and throw away your baby dreams of hocus pocus and woo.