Ecocide: The Psychology of Environmental Destruction

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The transition from a tribal concept to our current framework, has required the invention of individualism and the commodification of Life. The aftermath makes it clear that our model is unsustainable. And deadly.

The only real solution lies in the merging of the two trends, which requires something big to be given up: the end of monetarism so that we can reconnect with our human emotions distorted by something that cannot be: financing the future by environmental destruction.

The use of technology must be allowed so that we can eliminate all slave labor, and promote the values not tainted by egotic purposes and as long as we remain consistent with our own power of consent.

Remember that 98% of kids are geniuses (see our previous blog). Nothing is a coincidence, Nature gifts all kids equally to be able to take care about the extremely small percentage needing help. As soon as we begin to neglect this aspect, the small percentage starts growing exponentially however. It's a Natural Law.

All children are destined to protect the unfolding of life and society, and the Universe gifted them with an incredible amount of unbiased creativity to achieve this task. Once education begins to interfere by imposing impractical and irrational social norms, something happens and kids lose their independent thinking processes.

All children should be given the chance to develop their own passion. Unfortunately, too often passion and our consumerist frameworks evolve in contradiction, making it impossible for a young child to really follow his own path.

We have been wrong about education for so long. The tribal concept was easily hijacked because it was resisting the expansion of a much needed awareness to deal with human issues on global scale. So it remained a half-truth, which is still valuable and must be used to ever remind us of our vanity and other erroneous judgments.

Ecocide: The Psychology of Environmental Destruction

The Psychological Roots of Ecocide
The term "ecocide" has recently been coined to describe the potential danger we face. And even though the dangers are obviously linked to social and political factors, I believe it’s important to look into the psychological roots of "ecocide." What are the psychological causes of our abusive and exploitative attitude to nature?

In my view, there are two main psychological factors. The first is what I call our "over-developed sense of ego," or intensified sense of individuality. You could argue that this is the essential difference between Western so-called "civilised" peoples and tribal indigenous peoples. Most indigenous peoples don’t seem to exist as personal, self-sufficient egos to the same extent that we do. Their sense of identity seems to include their community and their land.


I wouldn't be surprised if the ecocide is done with mindful intent by those who farm us. Reduce the population by giving them diseases and destroying the food supply (through pesticides that cause cancer and killing bees off, etc).

Most people refuse to entertain the notion that those who control the play would do such a heinous thing to us, somehow disconnecting how these same people treat farm animals in the name of profits.

I appreciate your blog. You are in the top as far as bloggers go here, imo.

thank you for your kind words and helping spread awareness @practicalthought


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