My Project.hope Post Review (Episode 46)

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my 46th episode of my project hope review, the essence of this post is to select three post which caught the attention of the writer. The writer is meant to leave comments on the post they selected, thereby improving communication on a post.


@project.hope has been a community for user who share the same vision and interest in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, solar energy, automatization, virtual reality, economy, psychology and augmented reality.

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Let's kick the ball rolling.

Top Three Project hope Posts.


Image from @knowledgefruit post.

No 1 Your Personal Brand : Your Posts

The opportunity we have to create contents on a blog like this should make us very concerned about our reputation, every single thing we make available on our blog has a lot to say about us.


Image from @rbalzan79 post

No 2 New alternatives to generate electricity / Wind turbine without blades - @rbalzan79

Generating electricity while reducing pollution is a thing that our society needs seriously and intelligent companies have been working on making this a reality,this writer talks about using wind turbine to generate electricity.



Image from @shortsegments post.

No 3 Earning Rewards as a blogger on a social media platform on a blockchain. @shortsegments.

We can get profits by creating contents on some blockchain based social networks instead of just wasting time on social networks that are not rewarding.

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@project.hope is doing really well to allow both delegators, writers and people who follow its trail make profit by adding to the community. Getting support from the users will be of great benefit.


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