Bitcoin and Major AltCoins Are Dipping, But I am Still Bullish (My Price Signals)

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Hey guys, the whole day I have been observing the market trends for


major cryptocurrencies, forex, the stocks, and including precious metals.

For Gold, it posted weekly losses for the first time since late the month of April.

For cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin will be the barometer for the rest of the altcoins. Bitcoin price down month for the third consecutive weeks. it now equals to the July 2019-Sept 2019 period.

Ethereum price forms a doji on the monthly chart, warning of indecision and distribution in May.

Despite the dip, I am bullish for the next 48 hours for the major cryptos.

Here are my price analyses for those who are trading.

BUY Start: 250.40
Stop Loss: 238.84
Take Profit: 268.38
Duration: MAX 48 hours

SELL Start: 1889
Stop Loss: 1909
Take Profit: 1864
Duration: MAX 48 hours

BUY Start: 69.51
Stop Loss: 68.61
Take Profit: 71.12
Duration: MAX 48 hours

BUY Start: 109.38
Stop Loss: 109.10
Take Profit: 109.91
Duration: MAX 48 hours

SELL Start: 0.89727
Stop Loss: 0.90036
Take Profit: 0.89185
Duration: MAX 48 hours

BUY Start: 34473
Stop Loss: 34252
Take Profit: 34871
Duration: MAX 48 hours

BUY Start: 126.03
Stop Loss: 124.50
Take Profit: 128.67
Duration: MAX 48 hours

BUY Start: 2478
Stop Loss: 2344
Take Profit: 2658
Duration: MAX 48 hours

BUY Start: 34473
Stop Loss: 32998
Take Profit: 36379
Duration: MAX 48 hours

BUY Start: 155.76
Stop Loss: 149.12
Take Profit: 166.45
Duration: MAX 48 hours

Remember to set a stop loss on all your trade positions.



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