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RE: My Breakup with Asus: Why I Will Avoid Them Like the Plague

in #pcbuild2 years ago

Really appreciate that @steevc its been a pain, probably more just bad luck being at the end of a warranty really. I think they did this to kind of push it off into that realm of running out the warranty honestly. Its okay in a way I seen a side to ASUS that warrants me rethinking who to run with next on my fix build. I think MSI might be where I go like a lot of people been lately.

Sad though, I only build with the best of the best parts every few years and after this I have to avoid any talks with the usual ASUS wins that and this because usually they do at the start of the competition every gen. I just wish I could figure out what is going on with this thing, does try to boot up, fires up all the lights just sits on this weird A3 error and thats been the end of the line the last 6 months. I am gonna let it sit in a closet, keep using my i7 for the time being, which is an Asus Maximus IX Formula of all things, that works with a few minor age issues but not had a problem too bad with this ASUS board. So I do see when things work they do end up working well with that brand. Maybe its because they been winning a lot of the top of top charts for a while they started slacking...I don't know but it will end up me in a new build with another brand to save future headaches.


I've never been particularly loyal to manufacturers, but I have stuck with AMD CPUs for years. I have an old PC I need to sort out some time. It boots up with no video and it's using onboard graphics. I don't even have a spare card to stick in it, but it's no big deal.