The basic food groups : omelette...

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and some stuff from down-below where sites admin in a way that's not censorship

as i did not write the articles linked i take no responsibility for any ideas that might #stem (lol )from it, language : on why the pen often induces the sword

keeping it faas :

because clean water is a conspiracy :

because they will get back on that as it's forbidden by the sales dept.

because despite whatever sometimes in china shit gets done.

because Musk for president.

because science.

because 'do keep breeding and breed a little more, that way the lack of pension-funds we spent will fix itself".

because honeypot ? why the hell would you link your faceberg account to a fucking pirate site anyway unless its the party who arent really pirates at all?
that's more like , euh, that brittish show with the lady going "goodbye, youre the weakest link)

nuff said ...

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