partiko iOS notifications down?

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My @partiko notifications stopped working last night. Is anyone having the same problem? This is what I've done to try and resolve it:

  • Log out and log back in
  • Delete app and reinstall
  • Make a post about it on Steem (haha!)

At least I still have my Steemify app to check all my notifications and to follow my favourite authors (!giphy cheers to @exyle).



Yesterday in the evening I had the same problem. I became one of the winners of Ponky and Spiky Contest and I didn't receive notification about that 😅 I use Android.

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Ponky!!! haha @organduo @laputis
!giphy ping+pong

😂😂😂🤣 I didn't notice it 🤗

Yup it went down yesterday around the same time dtube videos weren't playing in any browser for me. Dtube now works but partiko notifications are still down. I'll try the restart method.

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It works now...

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!giphy frustrated

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