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Today I finished all the lessons to build my first Artificial Neural Network. It was a simple one that just determined whether or not members of bank A would be likely to close their account.

So far the course is pretty fun. But it's looking like I have a long way to go to make an AI that can play D&D.

Some concerns though. They should really work on normalizing the volume across all lessons, the instructors have pretty thick accents and should slow down a little when talking, and they need to revisit other lessons less and cover the current process more. It started getting a bit confusing, but in their defense I'm not all that familiar with Python.

Still though, I'm sticking with it and gonna shoot for making nerdbot. I'll start adding screenshots to future posts.

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Hey man! Good for you to learn something about AI.

Python is powerful and easy to learn IMO.

Surprised that you are trying to make an AI that can play D&D!

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