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Hi Jaynie , to sort of contribute to what Themarkymark and whatsup has said, I don't think there was anything nefarious on your part, nor Marky's. Tribes are just a bit more sensitive because of tag abuse ( aka spam abuse ). I know because I run the Token Town discord and we get plenty of peeps wondering what to use. A downvote is how the tribes are dealing with things and I understand it can come across as sort of "rude" ,but it is the only mechanism right now.


I agree and disagree with you. I understand the frustrations of spammers but a downvote alone is NOT the only way to handle the situation, especially not in a "blanket manner" - Like I said, a little communication (even generic) added to the downvote - especially on a post like this which was clearly inquiring... would have gone a long way to counter the "rudeness" and resulting offense. Professional communication is far too underrated these days. It sets a standard, shows people that you ARE actually interested in what they have to say/ask and it can assist in avoiding MANY negative assumptions and conclusions.

Downvoting is really the only way. I'm not sure Marky could comment on each post asking if they meant to do what they did? You can see in a way a pandora's box as people would just claim they are "inquiring" why the downvote. I suppose the better way is to reach out to a different channel to ask. Anywho, we obviously see things differently, but I can see your point too.

I understand what you saying, but I think certain factors should be taken into account. I am not exactly a new person to the steem platform. I run one of the most reputable communities here, I have a rep which indicates my dedication to the platform and without sounding my own horn, I think I am fairly well known for my efforts towards the betterment of steem as a whole. He could have made an exception and taken a second to be mindful of that... but he didn't. He simply hit that button.

This is one of the biggest problems around here - these "hot shots" don't value the "little man" - the WORK HORSES... but if all the "little men" suddenly walked away, they would be in for a big wake up call. It is simple business sense. Always look after your bread and butter clients, because they have the numbers that cumulatively support you and can impact you very negatively should they stand together.

The "added effort" required to manage something professionally and thoroughly is a part of the role you take on when you choose leadership - but few exercise it by going the extra mile...

but yes, I think the topic has been exhausted. I, like you - appreciate your point, but will stand by my own in as much as I think it is a very "half cocked" approach.