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RE: Steem and (tribe) token progress!

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Seems like you're doing good, Peter. :0)

But this has also the side-effect, like @abh12345 once wrote that the tags aren't tags anymore. You can't distinct based on the tag about what a post will go. And yes, the same goes for my posts!

The wrong use of tags is pretty annoying when you're looking for content you're interested in. I'm one of the few people who does use tags to find content, and it has become a real pain. People forget categorization is at least as important as earning tokens. After all, you want to reach your target audience.
I wouldn't have found your post if t wasn't in the @ocdb-list. I think you'd benefit from using at least 2 categorization tags to reach more people who are looking for content like this.

There's an easy fix, definitely now Steempeak has integrated the use of 10 tags.
For my posts, I make a selection of tribe-tags I want to use (max 5 or 6 per post). I use my first 5 like I did before the tribes were around, i.e. as categorization tags on SteemIt, Steempeak and Busy. At the end, I add the tribe tags. Those last 5 tags aren't picked up by those three sites, so they're the perfect way to earn extra tokens.

The tags of my latest post:

Click to enlarge

I'd love to see people categorize their posts more again. Tokens are great, but if your post gets lost in the never-ending stream of 'general' tribe posts, you're missing out on readers...

But that's just my two cents....