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I totally understand as I've had to cut back on playing the game myself. I would suggest renting out your cards for a while if there's any doubt in your mind that you want to give it up forever. My cards are only about half as valuable as yours, and I'm making about $103 a month renting them out right now.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. But, I am confident in my decision, and renting can undermine my belief in the correctness of my act, which I really do not want.

Makes sense!

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Your rental advice also makes a lot of sense. Probably, I will look for a middle ground in partial sale and partial lease.

One thing to consider when you rent them out is that you cannot play them. Even if you end a lease, then your cards are on cooldown afterwards. So it prevents you from playing the game, but you still own the cards. That way, if they go up considerably in value in the future, you'll get those profits. It could feasibly take years to get the entire value of your cards in rental fees, though. Your idea to sell some and maybe rent some is probably a nice middle ground.

Thank. Every hour I start to like her more and more.