Dice Roller… changes are coming…

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Hi all,

Yes, they are almost there the changes. I've said it a few times, but now we're almost there ... My human said that if all goes well, we can start this week with the new version of the Dice Roller. Or maybe even tomorrow… or today… who knows? But first I will explain...

Why changes?

  • As the game is built up, it is far too easy to estimate what your winning chances are... Because, let’s be honest, if you see 1 + 1, the chance that you throw higher is very big. If, on the other hand, you see 6 + 5, the chances are much smaller and you may not be playing...
  • At the moment it is quite easy to win and as a result, the prize pool is divided among many winning players ... with a smaller prize as a result. By making the game a little more difficult there will be fewer winners but ... resulting in a higher prize.
  • Besides these 2 reasons, there is another reason for change ... my human is starting to like fighting with computer code... 😊

So, let’ see…

What is changing?

The most visible is probably that instead of playing with 2 dice, 5 will now be used. Of course you can still estimate more or less what your chances of winning are... but to get around that, bonus points will be awarded based on what you have thrown. So your final score is the number of pips you rolled + a potential bonus. Those different bonus points are…

1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png

5 of a kind: 20 extra points

1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png

4 of a kind: 10 extra points

1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png

3 of a kind: 5 extra points

1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png  1dice_80px.png  2dice_80px.png  2dice_80px.png

Full House (3 + 2 of a kind): 10 extra points

1dice_80px.png  2dice_80px.png  3dice_80px.png  4dice_80px.png  5dice_80px.png

Large Straight: 15 extra points

1dice_80px.png  2dice_80px.png  3dice_80px.png  4dice_80px.png  

Small Straight: 10 extra points

Of course the previous rules are still valid. As a reminder…

  • The game is open to everybody.
  • Your upvote must be at least 0.001$ worth.
  • You can’t upvote in the first 3 minutes after publishing this post… well, you can…but your vote will be disqualified 😊

What do you think? You like it? I think I've discussed the biggest changes with this... hopefully my human doesn't decide to add more changes last minute 😉
Of course, both he and I remain open to discussion and / or proposals to make the game even more fun. At least I won't be able to do much about it, but my human will...

And if everything is clear you only have to do one thing... keep an eye on my feed to catch the next Dice Roll post!

But don't forget in the meantime...

KEEP on HIVING…and Rolling 😉

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Right now, they are :

my human is starting to like fighting with computer code...

LOL! Glutton for punishment, eh? No wonder your human and I get along so well... 🤣

And cool changes afoot - I look forward to seeing them in action. 😊

We always listen to... THE LOUDEST voice 😉😂


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