Claim all pending SCOT tokens from multiple Steem account at once | 一次性 claim 完你所有帳戶的 SE tokens。

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Yesterday I saw @holger80 post of How to claim all pending token rewards at once - improved claim command.

I was excited and happy to know that we don't need to keep clicking the claim buttons again and again.

However, for Steemians who are managing multiple accounts might still find that annoying as you needed to log in then log out multiple times in order to claim all your pending tokens.

I have modified @holger80 Python script a little bit so that you can claim all your tokens across different accounts at once.

All you need to do is have each of your account credentials correctly typed inside an array of object.

See the code and it should be pretty self-explanatory.

Here is the script and you should only run locally on your computer.

only run locally on your computer.
only run locally on your computer.
only run locally on your computer.

昨天我看到@ holger80的帖子How to claim all pending token rewards at once - improved claim command


但是,對於有多帳戶管理的Steemians,您可能仍然對要經常登出登入來把多個帳戶都 claim 很煩人。

我稍微修改了@ holger80 Python腳本,以便您可以一次性 claim 完你所有的 SE tokens。





from beem import Steem
from beem.nodelist import NodeList
import json
import six
import requests
import getpass

if __name__ == "__main__":
    accounts = [{
        "id": "REPLACE_YOUR_USERNAME_A",
        "pri_post_key": "REPLACE_YOUR_POSTING_KEY_FOR_A"
        "id": "REPLACE_YOUR_USERNAME_B",
        "pri_post_key": "REPLACE_YOUR_POSTING_KEY_FOR_B"
        "id": "REPLACE_YOUR_USERNAME_C",
        "pri_post_key": "REPLACE_YOUR_POSTING_KEY_FOR_C"

    for account in accounts:
        username = account["id"]
        print("-------- START --------\n")
        print("You usename is %s" % username)
        print("Now getting steem-engine data ...")

        url = "" + username
        r = requests.get(url)
        result = r.json()

        json_data = []
        for token in result:
            scot = result[token]
            if int(scot["pending_token"]) > 0:
                json_data.append({"symbol": token})
                print("%f %s can be claimed." %
                      (int(scot["pending_token"])/1000, token))

        if len(json_data) > 0:
            print("Updating node list ...")
            nodes = NodeList()
            stm = Steem(nodes.get_nodes())
            pwd = account["pri_post_key"]
                stm = Steem(node=nodes.get_nodes(), keys=[pwd])
            stm.custom_json("scot_claim_token", json_data,

            print("All tokens have been claimed.\n")
            print("Nothing to claim.\n")
            print("-------- END --------\n")

That's it! Hope this can save you some time.

就是這樣! 希望這可以為你節省一些時間。


The skills am hunting in quest to being a blockchain dev, cheers.

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if name == "main":这个跳转到beem,赋值 "main"起什么作用?


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