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RE: Name YOUR tribe...

in #palnet3 years ago

I have tried a few tribes out but as a musician (and I use that term loosely), I use creativecoin, sonicgroove and tunes.

Creativecoin is a general creatives umbrella.

Sonicgroove is a branch of creativecoin but strictly for musicians.

Tunes is another for musicians but not entirely sure the difference.

Neoxian I've used before, seems to be general purpose, as does palcoin.

Int I got flagged by someone when I wrote a travelpost so apparently that's out of the game. Apparently for independent entrepreneurs but you can't post a branding blog obviously 🤣

But, to be honest, if someone new comes to steem and is looking for music, are they likely to type in sonicgroove or the genre of the music they are looking for?

My two.... No THREE cents now coming your way 😉

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I just discovered tunes the other day which is really cool! Thanks for this @nickyhavey x