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RE: I have moved form 35k to 80 Sports Stake in just 4 days.

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To you who is going to read this Message
Please Help!
Please am from Uganda and am 20 years old and I lost my father in 2014 now I stay with my mum only as you know mum cannot work for me and my young children to go to school.
Am here but I would to request you to help in terms of funds for completing my studies.
I ended on secondary level for lacking of funds to join the university
So now am so worried even to get what to eat is a big challenge at our home
So that is why I have decided to write this comment and post on your post so that I can get a good Samaritan to help me to lead me completing my studies and helping my family to get basic needs in their lives.
If you have anyone or you can help me to successes in this world and to change my family life to the next level please contact me on the following addresses;
Tel:+256705570269 (Even on whatsapp)
Email:[email protected]
God bless you if you are going to help with anything to me to change my life style to the next level