Part 1. Taking Aim At Zealous "Theories". Nephilim/Giants/Ancient Aliens...

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On September 24, in the year 1235 a Japanese General by the name Yoritsume was camped with his men when all of the sudden several of his soldiers noticed something that was beginning to cause panic among the ranks: strange lights were seen in the sky to the southwest of his camp. They were swinging in circles and zipping to and fro. This continued until morning. When dawn broke and the lights had dissipated General Yoritsume ordered his highest ranking men to investigate what the lights from the night before were. This would become the first ever recorded investigation of UFO phenomena. The next day the men brought the findings to their vexed General. "Do not be concerned General. We have looked into the matter and it was only the wind making the stars sway."

The report above was from research done by Dr. Jacques Valee who has been a researcher and consultant for the US Air Force. From this event we can gather two things. One is that we will always try to put things into brackets of certainty to explain them even if we can't. Two is that even in the 13th century officials never turn down the chance to provide an answer even if they don't have one.

Recently I was having a conversation with a good friends son about history. I've watched the kid grow up and he's at the stage of his teen years where things like alternative theories fascinate him. I guess there's worse things he could be into, especially considering the average teenagers interests today. One of the first things raised were the different alternative theories on our origins like Ancient Aliens being responsible. Next was listening for twenty minutes as he recapped a podcast he found about giants..... Sigh... You indulge youth right? I mean we were all there once.

So while in the car he asked his mom if he could throw on a podcast... Mutual eyes were rolled but we said go for it. By the end I was left rubbing my temples. Don't get me wrong, I have a suspicion that perhaps our school taught history and our origin story taught in academia could be wrong. I try not to be dismissive of anything as in reality we don't know sh** about the universe around us. We can actually only observe less than 1% of it. But I kind of got the suspicion that trying to talk to some of the more fanatical believers in these theories would be sort of akin to trying to convince a particularly dumb WWE fan that the wrestling their watching isn't real. Or maybe more akin to talking to a flat earther trying to convince them the earth is round. I think I would make as much headway with the WWE fan or flat earther as I would in a believer in these Nephilim meets ancient alien theories regarding our evolutionary story line.

So in this post I'm going to try to cover how we look at things like extraterrestrial intervention, crazy theories about giants, and ufo phenomena relationships to these matters. To do this I'm going to start with what makes life different from the inert matter on this planet and go from there. So here we go.


From your dog, you, bacteria and tiny fungi, everything around you is built on DNA. It can't be seen. A single strand is ten atoms in width, over one hundred and twenty times smaller than our tiniest visible light wave, single strands are present in the nucleus of your cell, and if if we joined all those strands and stretched them out we could wrap it all around the blue marble we inhabit almost five million times. Each strand is coded with genetic information and the arrangement of that information determines who WE and THINGS be. For example yeast shares about a quarter of our genes as humans.

Right so there we go. The basis for all the shaking and moving stuff on this planet. Now there's different theories in how this "be all" wonder came about. One is it basically formed in an amino rich soup billions of years ago. Two is the the theory posited by Francis Crick (discovered the double helix) where he claims that the only possible way this basis for all living things arrived here ready to go is that it was flung from some far away galaxy by an advanced race. He was a statistician to the core and put the odds of it occurring as a product of evolution at 1 followed by 260 zeros.

One of the key ways we track our genetic mutations through time is through mitochondrial DNA which is handed down through females. However it is practically useless if we want to figure which hominids we brushed up against and thoroughly shagged out of existence. So at the moment we can only trace ourselves back to that group of hominids who decided to take a long walk away from Africa over 200,000 years ago.

There is a chance that we could have had an earlier group of humans who migrated away first, but we can't be certain. We may have crossed paths with them, speared them, humped them, and slowly but surely through one thrust or another wiped them away... Not an unreasonable possibility to throw out. At the moment the money isn't really behind finding out so ho hum. But for now I'm putting that out there as we go forward into.... alternative theories.


Alien giants... just hits the tongue funny doesn't it? Or more hits the tongue absurd? The "theory" goes something like this: After God created man old Lucifer and his watchers got a little envious and shirty. They really didn't like that God character but knew he had taken a shine to us. So on down they came and started mingling and of course humping our women. This led to a race of giants as the byproduct of this inter-species rumpy pumpy. Well God wasn't pleased so a bit of tidying was in order. Down came the flood, and though the giants were seen as capable of great feats... apparently they weren't good at constructing boats on the fly, and certainly weren't good swimmers.

So where did this crazy idea come from? Well one of the key things that you will hear recited at great length by advocates of this idea is the following Biblical passage:

Genesis 6:4 reads as follows: The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.

From this passage as well as several others from other religions it seems to all get really wild. Apparently according to one of the main authors behind this theory named Stephen Quayle, those pesky giants are still out there and the Nephilim are up to their old tricks. They are in spaceships, slumbering beneath ancient mounds, in the mountains of Afghanistan, subverting our governments, putting GMO's in our food, and definitely out to get us.... oh, they built the pyramids, the Inca Monuments, and were behind the Megaliths in Europe.

So here the tricky part about all this. Where are the bodies? Well according to this ancient Alien/Luciferian agenda the governments of the world are firmly in the pockets of these giant creatures. So any archaeological finds are quickly spirited away and safely concealed in the Smithsonian. But don't worry! After a bit of grave disturbing in South America they did find proof in Paracas! An elongated skull! Apparently a big'un...

Well we all know skull deformation was pretty bog standard, but apparently this particular skull yielded DNA results that were interesting. So the genetics were a mix of Mesopotamian and Eastern European. Ok... well that's cool one would think. But the geneticist and labs responsible for the analysis are anonymous apparently.. But we can go with it. Oh, and apparently according to the reported findings we wouldn't be able to have successfully bred with these sexy cone heads. Bummer for the Paracas folks of old eh?

But this plus mounds, some references in ancient texts, some swiped big skeletons, and we gotta history that apparently needs rewriting. Oh, and an apocalypse that's gonna come with all the bells and giants as well as their alien helpers..... wow.. typing those past three paragraphs was painful.


So I get that giants are hibernating, in flying saucers, built pyramids, and their once numerous existence is mentioned in ancient texts. If this post seems sarcastic it's not. Genuinely. I'm simply summing up this increasingly popular theory. There is a lot built around a few 2,000 year old skulls found relating to a myth from 4,000 years ago..... kind of a big gap by the way.

It's possible mythology is an echo of a memory we have as a species. We have records of great floods that can be verified archaeologically as well as documented in cultures all over the world. But mythology tends to be down stream a bit from the event.... and around the bend.... and the next bend..

It is reasonable to speculate that homo sapiens banged other hominids for instance. The Denisovans could well be the unfortunate ones we boinked into oblivion, and very well could be the non humans we sometimes see referenced in texts. It could be possible that yes, things like the Paracas skulls are from an species of hominid that left the African continent before we did and had a rocking time in Peru. The DNA findings are reportedly interesting. But perhaps a more down to earth approach could be required here. Man has an imagination like no other mammal on this planet. Bumping into tall folks who were grumpy and humpy could well have stuck in our cultural memories.

I'm not a skeptic or a believer of much. As I said at the start of the post we can only observe less than 1% of the universe around us. We actually base our view of the world around/reality on what we can see and therefore believe that because what we see is a certain way then naturally everything else must be. Kinda like describing Hawaii by looking through a keyhole in a door... in a house in Louisville Kentucky. It is possible we know less about our history than reality.

It is an interesting thing that most of yesterdays absolutes proudly declared as fact become tomorrows absurdities. We really don't have antique facts. Hell maybe their could have been, or still are giants with alien grey helpers roaming the cosmos. But if we are looking for possible long spaceships really responsible for things on this planet perhaps maybe we should stick with examining the things that are REASONABLY suspect... like our DNA.

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Oh man first the Santa, and now the Alien Giants, oh man what love story are they going to crush next? That was a good read. One day we might know the answer, but will the answer be to the question we ask?

I have a hard time ruling things out just because some "expert" says something. Scientific theories are always being changed updated, or abandoned all the time, what we think we know is always mutable, always changing, and who is right and who is wrong. Remember for a long time the explanation of the Sun going around the Earth was the acceptable theory of the day. The science of that day was wrong. In 100 years what science of our day will be shown to have been wrong?

I think it is one of the reasons I love the speculation side of things, so many possibilities.

I’m with you on the always speculating side of things. I’ve visited almost every monolith in Europe and with some of them it’s hard to accept the popular theories on who built them. I get the suspicion if our species can stick around for a few more centuries we are going to look back at today’s certainties and count them as absurd.... unless we end up in another dark age. The whole giant meets alien thing was truly hard to swallow/painful to listen to stuff though, so was sort of a playful post around the rather far far far out there topic. It is a crazy universe no doubt... I just hope it’s not that crazy. Lol

I think somewhere out there is a grunting fur covered Wookie Race. I will never get to meet them, unless we really don't die and do go sliding into another reality.

Lol. No need to slide dimensions to meet that race Bash. They haunt the aisles of Walmart’s all over America on a Sunday afternoon.

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