--- The Value of People or Lack of It - Copious Thoughts - From Clayboyn's Coffee and Philosophy show Ep. 70 ---

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Giddiest of ups to all who joined us for @clayboyn 's Coffee and Philosophy. on the much loved MSP Waves and P.A.L Discord Network. The recording of this particular show can be found here: Coffee and Philosophy Ep.70.

The value is the community, the strength is the people... there are a number of sentiments such as this which are put forward when discussing group structures. Indeed it has been referenced in this, the social crypto platforms, but it is also applicable in the 'real world', work , family structures, team sports , etc.

When we observe any grouping of people working together for a common goal, im sure we can all agree that without the people being involved it would not be possible. While this may be a considerably simple understanding, when we look at how this plays out in real world scenarios a considerably different perspective is often realized.

A prime example of this would be the workplace, we all have heard horrendous stories of workplace abuse/misconduct or experienced it ourselves. It is not limited to any country, class, etc. it happens everywhere... and a lot.


Even thought the workers are the value, they are treated poorly. Pushed to the limits, to breaking point, physically and mentally, and if the worst happens and a person becomes 'broken' in some way due to their workplace interactions, well they have a plan for that too... Remove the broken cog in the machine and throw it away, with minimal fuss.

In short the workers are expendable, replaceable... if you break one, its no big deal, just get another one, it will be fine. As far as the compensation for being broken in the workplace, well that's another bag of beans, but lets put it this way... If they dont care about breaking you in the first place what makes you think they would care about your future beyond your service to them?

Its easy to be angry at the manager pushing the workers to breaking point, but keep in mind they have a manager pushing them, so on and so forth up the chain. This structure is one of the most common in the workplace and creates the perfect environment for this form of interaction among ourselves.

It gives us the incredible ability to cast away our the responsibility of our own actions by uttering a simple phrase "I am/was just doing my job". Yes, it is that simple, a string of words gives us the ability to abuse one another and still be able to sleep at night.

This was the basis of the Milgram Experiment on obedience which investigated the defense put forward by Nazi soldiers that they were "just following orders". While this is an extreme example it does give us the opportunity to comprehend the lengths we can go to and what we are capable of as human beings.


We cover this and much more in the weekly Coffee and Philosophy show, the recording of which can be found at Coffee and Philosophy Ep.70.

If these kinds of topics and discussion are of interest I strongly recommend checking the schedule for Coffee and Philosophy and joining us in the live chat on the P.A.L Discord, so you can interact with us as well as the audience and help guide the conversation.



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