Why you need to consume Eggplant sauce || Very nutritious || Alternative for Egg sauce.

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Yesterday was a very practical day for a very healthy balance diet foodie. It was said earlier that the eggplant tree does well by producing more fruits per year and also per season. My mind was at rest and I began to do the necessary measures to make sure that the one I have in my farm does well too.

Yesterday I did a practice test with it by making a big deal with preparing eggplant sauce with boiled yam. It was so delicious.

Why you must consume Eggplant sauce

  • It contains many micro nutrients that the body needed to survive and grow.
  • It build up body fore walls
  • It creates good relationship between the body and the blood.

In conclusion

By Practical test, I made up my mind to give a trial run to make the foodie that will enhance my skills and to see more about how the eggplant sauce works, taste and feel. I will say it is good to consume it and as an alternative to egg sauce.