How Blockchain Marketing could impact customer experience

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Brilliant piece on Blockchain Marketing

Or just an cheap piece of advertising? Well, maybe both! I consider this a must read no matter if we agree on the content but it explains a lot and might enlighten some critical minded blockchain attackers - what you think?


From Facebook to Salesforce, it seems like everyone is on the Blockchain bandwagon. But does it really live up to the hype, and meet expectations for a 360-degree transformation? Can it help improve customer Experience (CX)? I do think yes with some exceptions!

The author talks about:

  • How Blockchain affects customer experiences
  • Three Blockchain tips for CX initiatives
  • Key considerations to remember

Key summary is

The guy wants to sell and get in touch with people, so quite openly a PR piece but he has some valid thoughts - especially around LIBRA by Facebook which is nonsense as probably 99% of the blockchain minded people know but he has some some good insight to talk on how blockchain for sure affects customer experience!


Brilliant concept if they start using that

Blockchain could really help in lot of things :)