BYD Atto 3 EV - How to lock and unlock without touching keys / keycards

in #palnet11 months ago

Hi everyone - you should not do this if you're a magician - buying a $50k prop to do magic tricks! Anyway, in the last video I showed people how to unlock the car with an NFC card. This generated a bit of controversy as some people think it's another thing to lose and whoever takes it can drive your car away.

Anyway, in this video we are going to stick with using keys, however, traditionally with a key you'd need to at least take it out and press a few buttons. Now we're going to not use the key at all and simply use your fingers to press a button on the door to unlock it.

Hang on a second - you must be asking - well then what will stop anyone from just coming to your car and unlocking it by pressing the little button? Very simple - you still need the key in your pocket or somewhere on you (maybe in your bag pack). So some random comes to your car, they still won't be able to open the door.

Hope you found this video useful!


very helpful

thank you :)


萬萬歲 :)

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