BYD Atto 3 - Cannot turn on air conditioning while reversing?

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The first time I had a guest in my car, it was a very hot day and I was reversing out of the carpark. I noticed something as I was reversing - I couldn't change the air conditioning settings on the touch screen to turn it on!!!

Because it was the first time I had someone in my car, I was fully panicking. She immediately said: Wow, this car is a bit hot. I was a bit embarassed as I had been saying that I got a new car and how awesome it was, and here I was couldn't even turn on the aircon.

It turns out that while the car was on reverse, the only thing you can do on the touch screen is to look at the cameras around the car. However, the hardwired buttons used for turning on the airconditioning still works fine, and there is an "auto" button you can press to make it adjust the temperature automatically. All explained in the video :)


Nicely Explained. Ah adjusting temperature automatically seems like Good and hopefully that works fine.

thank you!!


Safety first then you can adjust your temperature.😂 but cool having heat in the midst of an energy crisis 😂😂

haha true.

Hehe, and usually when one hits a panic you panic out more in the situation! Then you're actually a useless potato😂🥔..

Makes sense, it shows the reverse camera on the screen when it is put in reverse or am I wrong?

haha yeh 360 camera


thank you my friend