Why This Lifelong Environmentalist is 97% Sure That "Climate Change" Is A Scam

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Often in conversation with people that I find knowledgeable & aware on SO many topics, the overly-simplified debate around "climate change" is the E-brake, bringing a screeching halt if those folks are the kind who get emotionally attached to their beliefs (as most people are.) This same topic, and my strong disagreement with the mainstream story of it, has led to many hours of note taking, video sharing, and non-stop questions for those who enjoy the search for truth, wherever it leads.

Earlier today, I replied to @revisesociology's recent post, answering the TribeSteemUp bi-weekly question. His post was exploring how belief in man made climate change has increased over recent years, largely as a result of disasters. My reply started with:

Well of course there is; the media pounds home this propaganda 24/7, it's in the schools, every celebrity pushes it every chance they get (from their multimillion dollar, small town's worth of electricity using homes... or their private jets), and the corporate media (whether "news" or "social") actively hide anything that doesn't agree with the fear-mongering.

I went on to hit a few of what I feel are key, under-discussed points in the "climate discussions," and dropping a few links, because I was in something of a hurry, and because that's how I roll. When I got home, I started writing out a much deeper response, including how I developed to where I am now, having been a believer (though not overly educated) the idea that humans are bad for the earth for many years, with all the beliefs that go along with that.

That comment quickly became over 1500 words long, and by the time I got to a good stopping point, I realized I needed to turn it into a full post as well. Here's that post; I hope you enjoy! Not really. I hope you find yourself asking questions, question the answers you've believed, and maybe a little pissed off at the end of this.


An Environmentalist All My Life

For most of my life, I definitely leaned towards the deep green end of things. Highly anti-capitalist, essentially authoritarian (I definitely had ideas about "If things were just run like this instead"), and effectively anti-life.

I spent many bits of my early childhood with my dad, out near the Oregon Coast, spending our time hiking, sitting by rivers, and soaking in nature. He taught me that the only way to go "hunting" was with a camera, that we should care for the animals & environment around us, and that there's really nothing better than time spent in nature.

I was in the Boy Scouts for most of my childhood, starting with Cub Scouts, through Webelos, finally quitting the summer before freshman year of high school, holding the rank of Life (1 away from Eagle, the highest rank.) Needless to say that involved a LOT of camping, a lot of time orienteering, a lot of getting to know the land even better... at least in a more technical way.

At the same time, I spent most of the first 25 years of my life suffering from serious depression. Addiction was a near-constant, often in the form of video games, movies, books, and caffeine in my youth, slowly evolving to add sex, work, drugs, and alcohol. I didn't realize it until the very end of that time, but I was also highly addicted to processed "food." Insomnia, suicide attempts, and overdosing (especially alcohol poisoning) were all quite common.

So, between that blend of "Life sucks for me, and it looks like humanity's pretty much fucking things up," being fully indoctrinated with the idea that it's somehow OK for one person (more commonly group of people) to force others to behave in a certain way as long as it's the smarter/"better" way, and being reminded constantly how terrible the corporate/colonizer mentality is (Fern Gully, Captain Planet, etc.), AND of course believing that the Earth was overpopulated with humans, I was fully on-board with "Anthropogenic Global Warming", followed by the looming disasters of "Climate Change" when the apocalypse re-branded itself.

By the middle of high school, I had already learned just how stuck the system was; I had some teachers intelligent & honest enough to disillusion me to the idea that people "running" things were ever going to make the world better. Between all those years of "American History" class, and the adults in my life all seeming to have an attitude of how this is just the way things are, I decided to consciously avoid the outside world. September 11th, 2001 was probably the last time I watched anything on the news for a decade, and that's just because they forced us to ALL day at school that day, and the next.

Image Source

After a reality-shattering experience with Psilocybe Azurescens at the end of 2011, followed by a job that gave me access to all the juices & kombucha I could want, and getting my medical marijuana card, I started to be curious about the outside world again. I took to the internet, conversations at dispensaries, and reading tons of online articles. Thanks to the Zeitgeist trilogy (1, 2, 3), Who Killed The Electric Car (and its sequel), Owned & Operated, Occupied Cascadia, et al., I realized just how totally hopeless the "system" that humanity has been running for at least the last couple hundred years is. Luckily, at the same time I discovered folks like Peter Joseph, Stefan Molyneux (before he went off the deep end), Jacque Fresco, Charles Eisensten, and many others, who were telling stories of how the world could be different. Finally, people who were speaking and writing about how this isn't the only way for life to be, something I knew in my heart, but had only ever found in the Sci-Fi & fantasy of my youth.

Over the next couple years, I ravenously devoured anarchist philosophy, spiritual & social teachings from around the world, and everything I could find about not well known (and some truly suppressed) technologies that I thought had the potential to change everything (3D printing, the concept of open-source, permaculture, etc.)

Besides changing to an organic, vegan diet, focusing on as much local food as possible (thankfully easy in Cascadia), and generally being more mindful of how I treated my body (which greatly reflects on how we treat the planet), I moved away from buying new clothes, or even buying clothes, I sold my car and biked 5-10 miles each way to work, and basically just focused on having as little impact as possible. I must mention that I had never been paying taxes, which is by far the most harmful thing that the average person actually does in their lives.

Image Source

Along the way, something kept bugging me: "Climate Change"

Why was it that whenever people talked about "climate change" they were always just talking about carbon? Why were they never talking about Fukushima (or 3-Mile Island, Chernobyl, Project Green Run, or the nuclear waste they regularly just bury underground), The Pacific Trash Island, the urban heat island effect, mass deforestation (I watched clear cuts happen to entire small hills here),and so many other things that I learned about in elementary school, and would obviously have at least as big (and often longer-lasting) effect on our environment.

When talking about droughts, why did nobody mention the bottled water plants & centralized sewage & "treatment" systems that all actively remove water from the natural water cycle?

When talking about cutting emissions, burning less petroleum, reducing waste, why does nobody talk about the military? Amazon? The fact that the average American plate of food has 1400+ miles on it?

Why is CO2, which is absolutely necessary for the life cycle, and which every grower knows makes your plants grow bigger and faster, is somehow the enemy? (it's because every human breathes out CO2, which makes every single human part of the problem, and thus in need of control, reduction, and elimination.)

Most importantly, why is it that the governments & corporations responsible for everything from nuclear meltdowns to Agent Orange & PCBs, from depleted uranium & forced sterilization, from toxic municipal water to GMO food... are the same people who supposedly have the answers for "climate change?"

Once I realized that the exact same organizations & interests behind the military-industrial complex, the surveillance state, the debt-based fiat currency system, the pharmaceuticals, etc. are the organizations behind all of the "solutions" to "climate change," I realized that this was simply a misdirection. A way to use actual harm being done to the ecosystem of which we are a part (for the profit of a few thousand people globally), as a justification for limiting the freedom of everyone else (carbon taxes, like all taxes, don't mean shit to billionaires, and rationing doesn't happen to people with private jets/yachts/islands.)

Between the MANY obvious problems I saw affecting the environment not being mentioned by anyone in the "climate change" discussion (or most "environmentalists"), and the fact that the answers all involve more government, more top-down decision making, more wealth disparity, it started to become clear that "climate change" and the solutions to it are all simply propaganda to trick people into giving away their freedom.

Image Source

In Summary

There are a lot of things that I agree with the average environmentalist/climate activist about. Much of the time, my disagreement really boils down more to the "how" than anything, because I don't accept "Just give government more power" as a correct answer, unless the question was about how to reduce freedom, happiness, and health.

Some key things we agree about:

  • Humanity is just one part of a much larger ecosystem, and because our actions affect the rest of that ecosystem, it is our responsibility to reduce the ways in which we cause harm as much as possible. This is just basic biological/survival common sense: the harm we cause to the environment is harm we are directly causing to ourselves, our descendants, and everyone/everything else.
  • The idea of a perpetual growth use/waste economy is absolutely idiotic, and even if there were no environmental harms caused by it, we should still be moving towards a more logical, reasonable, systems-based approach to things.
  • Giant corporations and government agencies tend to lie, either to protect profits, hide the harm they've done, or both. They also both tend not to care even the tiniest bit if their decisions harm one, ten, or a million people... Unless it's going to cost them money/an election.
  • We should be moving back towards localized, organic farming as much as possible, as quickly as possible. Between our advances in things like aquaponics & vertical farming, technology totally taken for granted like greenhouses & pH testing, and application of systems theory (via permaculture), we can easily provide healthier food, cheaper, with less waste and less travel, for every single human on the planet.

Some questions for you (being anyone who believes that humanity is causing such damage to the ecosystem such that we are on the precipice of a full collapse):

  • Have you ever heard of Maurice Strong?
  • Have you read the surveys/papers from which the 97% consensus is drawn?
  • Are you familiar with the publicly acknowledged, long-running, experiments in geo-engineering that the US and other goverments have been running for decades?
  • Are you familiar with the term eugenics?
  • Did you read any of the ClimateGate emails? Even just any articles featuring major excerpts from the leaked emails?
  • When was the last time that everyone in the news media, the government, and Hollywood celebrities were telling you the same thing... and it was true?
  • Do you know how much money Al Gore made off "carbon credits" because of the scare his "documentary" caused?
  • Did you know the Earth was in a phase referred to as "little ice age" up into the 1800s?
  • Why have none of the horrific, catastrophic claims come true yet, after more decades of alarmists being sure that we're just on the edge of full collapse?

Image Source

So, as I mentioned earlier, this started as just a simple reply, where I wanted to lay out my shift in understanding about the environment, what the core environmental issues are that we face, and how we can move forward living in harmony with the Earth and all the beings that make it up. By the time I got done writing, I had cleared 1600 words, and realized I may have gone overboard for a STEEM comment that likely wouldn't be seen by more than one or two people. I did leave that comment, but then pulled out my text, added more hyperlinks, included some images, and made it into a full-fledged post.

If you aren't screaming at me through your computer, calling me a Climate Heretic or some such, and maybe I've piqued your curiosity, then I'd love to direct you to my much more in-depth 2-part series on "Climate Change" from 2018:

If you get through those and want more research links, documentaries, or debates, just let me know and I'll be happy to share what I have.


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People breathe out CO2! (Epiphany moment)

Most of what you wrote I'm aware of, but this never crossed my mind before. I'm fully aware that the top wealthiest 10% of people produce half of the entire world's pollution and wondered how they justify the fact that it's the poorest populations they want to eradicate, when they are producing negligible amounts of pollution. I guess this would justify it well enough for them, if they needed any justification.

It baffles me why so many complain about how inactive and useless the government is about climate change, yet they then go and protest to appeal to that same government to do something about it. I feel like screaming at them, "how are THEY going to benefit by doing what YOU want?" Because you can be darn sure that if they do, do something, it will be in their best interests, not yours and the chances are you won't like it. Someone pretty much said that if you're not attending protests, then you're getting in they way, so get out of the way and let the bigger people get on with saving the world. Sure, I'll go and ask my government to become more of a dictatorship than they already are!

...sorry, going off on a rant now.

People breathe out CO2! (Epiphany moment)

Right?! And plants absolutely require it. As a thought experiment, just think what would have happened over the last 100 years if petroleum use was increased at the same rate, but deforestation was something unheard of. The Earth would be massively greener now than it was in 1900.

It's pretty much the standard ivory tower mindset we see in so many other places. It's wrong for anyone to steal... except government. It's wrong for anyone to kill... except government. We're all held responsible for our actions... unless we happen to run a corporation. And on and on and on. Given how

It really blows me away that most of the people begging government to take control of everything, in order to "stop Climate Change" are the same folks who will rant about how wrong the government is and how terribly it handles things like:

  • education
  • immigration
  • food safety
  • war (they're actually really good at war, but nobody wants it)
  • healthcare

Somehow these same folks think that having government control everyone's energy, food, travel allotments is just a great idea. Good lord < /facepalm>

I like your thought experiment! Never thought about it that way. Reminds me of the greenhouse gas factories in my Mars terraforming video game.


Last year I read the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, and one of the most interesting parts of the series was the ongoing debate around terraforming practices. They were actively pumping all kinds of chemicals into the air to help create an atmosphere, digging DEEP tunnels straight down to release heat from the core, and all sorts of things that sound potentially catastrophic for those of us living on an already-green planet.

I think the only thing blocking us now from terraforming Mars (apart from getting there in the first place) is its lack of magnetic field. We can pump however many gasses we want in an attempt to build an atmosphere but without a spinning liquid core Mars just won't be able to hold onto an atmosphere. Solar winds will strip it away again. In the game Surviving Mars, you can build magnetic field generators but they are costly and require tremendous power. I imagine, if we had the technology, that would be accurate. Is there some other way?

I haven't had time to do too much reading yet but this is great stuff. For anyone that's interested the first five minutes of this video are alone are enough to get you thinking differently about this topic

(just singling this out from @kennyskitchen recommendations).

I need to research all of this further, but at the end of the day the idea that we should be living lightly because it's ethically or spiritually sound, or just simply easier (more efficient) rather than because the experts say so.

Come to think of it deferring to distant experts, especially those making claims about 'big systems' is quite possibly the thing which keeps us locked into sub-optimal ways of living.

For some reason I'm now wondering whether Big Bang Theory is part of a wider system of ideological control - kind of celebrating 'big science' while making the scientists seem harmless and cute individuals... (that's possibly not related to this post!)

As I said I need a bit of time to read over all of this material, but this is certainly the most interesting new knowledge I've come across for a while.

@tipu curate

this is certainly the most interesting new knowledge I've come across for a while.

This is the sort of thing I live for!

...at the end of the day the idea that we should be living lightly because it's ethically or spiritually sound, or just simply easier (more efficient) rather than because the experts say so.

This is so much of my focus. It's better for each one of us, individually, to live in healthier, less toxic ways. It's better right now, it's better next year, it's better in a decade or two. Even if our actions in no way affected the rest of the world, eating healthy, avoiding radiation and toxins, and drinking clean water are going to make your life better, both short- and long-term.

Come to think of it deferring to distant experts, especially those making claims about 'big systems' is quite possibly the thing which keeps us locked into sub-optimal ways of living.

Yes! The main problem humanity has been dealing with for the entirety of history is "authority." People giving up responsibility for their actions, because an authority figure told them to, or forced them to, generally at the barrel of a gun held by someone else who has bought into that "authority." Whether it's religion, the feudal system, The State, or the new religion of scientism, nothing good comes of people not thinking for themselves.

As to the big bang, I stand firmly in the belief that I don't know, and neither does any human alive. I personally see the physical world as the effect side, purely a manifestation of the causal (consciousness) side of things. But I don't know for sure there either.

I'm sure you've come across Kuhn's Paradigm Critique of science - in which he argues scientists operate in a kind of mob mentality - within a paradigm, ignoring any evidence that doesn't fit it, until enough mounts up to smash through the illusion, and then onto the next.

Basically a critique of the claim that science is objective, and gradually cumulative - that particular documentary really reminded me of that.

As to the Big Bang, I think we all need to admit we're in the dark on that.

Pun not entirely intended.

Oh ya. I refer to the current phenomenon as the the Religion of Scientism, because it works exactly the same. Folks like Neil DeGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye are cardinals, and the average person just assumes that because someone is a "scientist" (or a "science guy"), that they must be closer to truth, so we should just listen to them.

Science is the search for truth, a logical means of questioning the things we think/believe/are curious about. Science doesn't really leave room for the kind of faith that we see around SO many topics, and certainly science is never settled.

Just the fact that humans are utterly incapable of observing reality, due to our limited sensory input and HUGE psychological filters, means that the best we can do is keep trying to get closer to what actually is. While acknowledging that we're basically deaf & blind, and what we know this year will mostly be disproven within a generation or two.

Fair point about not being able to observe reality, it always amazes me how arrogant we are in assuming we can know and understand the universe through our senses, which really are quite narrow - all one has to do is to think what certain animals can see, hear and smell that we humans can't - and that's just scratching the surface of our limitations!

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

Have you read/watched much about the 'electric universe' theory?

This explains things much differently than 'big bang', dispels 'dark matter' as a 'thing' (something i've always had trouble reconciling).

I'm no aficionado, but it's very interesting, and fills lots of holes holes (not black ones) in things that I never really understood (in my limited knowledge), or made any sense.

When you put it in perspective of fractals (from the the atom to the universe), and the fact they are all doing essentially the same thing, and all observing the same laws - it seems to make a lot more sense.( to me)

I haven't heard of it no, something else to look into.

On dark matter, have a look at the first 90 seconds of this.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02ltxcq

I don't know if it was deliberate, but the way they sync all the experts reeling off the same line about Dark Matter Theory it makes it look no more believable than Genesis.


I have known for a long time not to trust anything the media tells and certainly not any government, hence why me and my girls are not registered anywhere, don't take any assistance from them and don't pay any taxes.
We have a responsibility to be informed, all the information is there once you scratch away at the surface. How indoctrinated some of us have become believing that we are parasites and that we are doomed, how well that plays into the hands of the elite. Forgetting how we are a part of the natural cycles of the earth, we have our place just as all other life forms in this beautiful planet.
I remember when I done my permacuture design course a few years ago and realizing that I already knew all that I was being taught, that it is a wisdom that is imbedded within us all. We have a natural instinct to want to be of service to the earth, we are born fully aware of our connection.
But then so many of us were ripped away from nature, put into schools and taught how to conform.
I grew up in a very unstable home, but my sanctuary was always the natural world. I have carried that with me since I was a child.
My eyes wide open to what is really happening. The more disconnected people become the more they can not see.
And now here we are, divided and segregated in our beliefs, so much so that we reject our own power, our own connection, feeding instead into this very well orchestrated fear that segregates us more.
I remember being in Australia and hearing time and time again about water shortages, yet no one was talking about the millions of litres of water being used daily to cool down nuclear reactors, water that was then contaminated. Instead people were told how much water they were allowed to use.
This is such a confrontational subject, I have been called delusional when I have tried to point out how much propaganda is being shoved down our throats and been told I obviously don't care about the environment if I think like this, but it is because I care so much that I take full responsibility for how I live.
Sorry this turned out to be quite long winded, but I am with you 100% here, that is why my goal is to help rewild as many folk as I can xxxx

I can imagine how it is a tough sell, I tried it out down the pub yesterday - I'm very keen myself to go non dom and axe my tax pay-outs, that's a goal for this year, next year at the latest!

It's quite difficult to strain the truth out about a lot of things. If I were a scientist and had the means to investigate climate change myself, I'd have a leg up but I'm not a scientist and have to rely on the research of others.

I'm a simple person, so my logic goes like this:

  1. The Gov lies about everything because they don't want us to know the truth about anything.
  2. The Gov's view of climate change is that of global warming and you and I are causing it.
  3. Therefore, the most likely scenario is that we are in the early stages of global cooling.

I'm guessing that they probably couldn't figure out a way to blame us and tax us for it if it was global cooling.

Not that I'm cynical or anything. hehe.. but I do so hate the act of lying. IMHO, it's one of the most violent things one person can do to another.

Give this a few minutes.

Good vid, ty. Funny how the truth NEVER seems to fit their agenda. Delay the truth for a couple of years, give them time to think up a cover story.

@jang has links to the full topic.
The sun is going to micronova.
The earth will stand still while the oceans continue on at 1000 mph.
That will be a heck of a few days!

lol.. okay, I'm staying in bed

That is as good a place as some others.
When the earth starts spinning again, all that water runs to the low places!
Until the next time, some 12k years later.

Awesome Post! Thanks for sharing this and with the right words (Something I'm learning to get better at).

This post shows me, like so many times before, that we all have this urge for a sain way of living together. My whole life I know that somethings off, as a child everybody told be: "No worries, you gonna understand one day! Now shut up and do what we tell you is right!" The day never came and I never did, which has put me trough some rough times...

As "adult" I got tired of asking always the same questions on why we can't live together in a peaceful an fair way! Playing the "being blind" game was working only for a couple of years, until the real nature in me started rebelling against me and the rebel I left behind some time ago needed to come back. I started to live the respectful way for me and all and lost nearly everything. People treated me Psycho and worse for living my life and I wasn't even asking them the why anymore.

After 15 years of going trough any possibility I could find, to work with humans for the better change... I realized that all is based on the judgement of a government and their rules. I appreciate all the effort of institutions like greenpeace, redcross or whatever you want to name here... it is a start where I always found humans with the right thinking for the "better world". Only, always in the parameters of "the law" of governments and/or some "I-know-better-then-you-folks-person". I observed the fact: "If you put sugar on crap, it still is crap."

Your point on the taxes is excellent, 'cause we all need to stop paying taxes and this would be the first step towards a new way... As long we support the "rulers" with money, we wont be able to live in liberty. So with 42 years I decided that I gonna show to myself that it is possible to get rid of all this slavery I was born into. That's 11 years now I'm living "outside" the rules of society. No more forced obligations and I accept all consequences coming with that, like no more passport all my travels are a little different, like no more banc account all my life style is based on exchange of something to assure I have eaten everyday... and so on.

My lifelong research on all this brought me along many excellent books, papers and internet sites... also about the propaganda on "climate change"... I would like to share especially two sites I still follow today, one is about the electric univers with an skeptic viewpoint on whats going on in science! The second is Suspicious0bservers with some stand out space weather news. All is related here and maybe someone is interested in more on this, as you also stated the mini-ice-age, which is connected to the solar cycle...

May this Subject Be the Force To Change... Looking forward to read more of your thoughts.

You're pretty well correct on everything here. Two points: anarchist communism isn't much different from your small local envirogroupings--at least from my sensibilities. Breadtubers are arguing for true Christian ethics as atomists while Christians demand exploitation and coercion from their capitalist religious ethno-states...We are truly in the upsidedown!
Who are these elites century after century who cause all this disturbance? The Christian Gnostics say they are metaphysical archons and if that's true it explains the perpetual toxicity of life on earth...

Wow.... Beautifully phrased... Reading your words brought me joy.

Bro I agree... Have a good one be well stay free...

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I would say yes - "climate change" as they are packaging it is just the UN's way of imposing martial law and stealing private property - but at the same time the elites are destroying the ozone layer by puncturing it with billions of satellites for 5G and of course warming the ocean floor with the Israel manufactured Tsunami/earthquake/Fuk-u-she-ma disaster - so personally I believe the el-ites are producing climate change and getting "us" to believe "we" are doing it so they can depopulate the planet in their many ways, and move in the new world order... but the "climate change" bs that tom, dick and harry are constantly going on about, is total BS

Yep, that sounds about right to me.

Climate change in the most general sense, definitely real. It's been changing since the Earth formed, and will continue to until it ceases to exist.

Humans affecting climate change? Also definitely, but not in ANY of the ways that are talked about on the news, and not accidentally, not as a simple by-product of people living "modernized" lives.

The actual man-made climate change that we see is carefully planned & executed, many billions of dollars a year are spent on it, and it is committed by the very people offering folks the "solution" to climate change. Classic problem-reaction-solution, with a side of psychopathic eugenics.

Some things have been recently declassified by the c_a, but won't be published in the mainstream journals for two more years.
This is the short video, @jang has links to the rest.

Great posts lately, thumbs up!

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Thanks! I'm definitely feeling in my flow, lots of good stuff coming through, having fun to a degree that I haven't in a long time :-)

Leaving this comment here for my own reminder to come back when I have more time to digest all of the information you shared and what others are commenting!

Lots of this resonates even on a quick glance, so I definitely want to explore it more.

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What a strong post, friend. Some stuff I knew, and what I didn't made a lot of sense. It's all a sham to make us scared, compliant, and physically alive yet spiritually dead. Did you know the government can cause localized earthquakes anywhere around the world? They did it in North Korea and they've done it in Iran. Coincidence during key times of conflict? I think not. There's a lot we don't know and a lot the Cabal does.

Thanks for sharing this piece. It made me really think that there is so much that I don’t know ... and also that there are a lot of outspoken people that are quick to dismiss others’ views and label them as ‘climate change deniers’ without listening or even knowing what they are talking about. I can’t say for sure whether or not I agree with your 97% conviction call on CC as a scam but I am bearish on the future.

I'm glad to hear that it got you thinking & questioning; that's about the best effect we can have on someone else through text I think :-)

It's always been my practice, since childhood, to question everything, and the more that other people are dogmatic (quite sure, and unwilling to question) about it, the more important it is to question.

The 97% piece was just a joke at the expense of the "climate consensus," I'm actually 100% sure it's a scam, because I've read all the documents and listened to the conversations and speeches where folks like Rockefeller, Gates, Strong, etc. have clearly laid out this plan since pre-WW2.

I don’t really like to get into this debate because I think the bottom up things we should be doing is the same regardless of whether or not they are lying to us (and they usually are). With the way we treat the earth, I would not be surprised if it has had it with us. Is it because of carbon? Maybe not. I really have no idea though I’m aware of both arguments.

I am also aware of some of the darker theories about what is really going on and all I can say is that they are not worth dismissing. I find the truth usually lies right in the middle between the idea that everything is the way it seems and the most radical of conspiracy theories. Right in the middle.

But believing that we are being lied to and believing that we need to get our shit in order is not mutually exclusive and the more we argue about this, the worse off we will be. We can try to unite under the desire to:
1 clean up the earth and drastically reduce consumption
2 keep things as bottom up as possible

Rather than fighting everyone who talks about CO2 I would rather we just focus on bottom up solutions to overall damage to the environment. If there is some CO2 conspiracy going on, we can figure it out together while we are fixing our habits and lifestyles to be more ecological. I want to find every way possible to work together on this and make the power structures obsolete. The more we unite, the more ill interests are forced to expose themselves. For now I just want to celebrate that people are using less plastic and recycling more.

I LOVE the connection you made between the way we treat our bodies and the way we treat Mother Earth. I'm EXCITED by the way diet and lifestyle change, along with plant and mushroom medicine, can literally enable us to start THINKING and QUESTIONING again.

And damn, it starts to be so easy to see why they promote junk food and chemicals and how it sedates and numbs humanity and makes them pliable.

Really appreciating this in depth post and gonna reread and work though the links.

Shared on my twitterfeed for you too. #posh

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