Is The Corona Virus Not ActuallyThe Effects Of 5G Covered Up and Marketed As A Pandemic?

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This is a great video about that.


Waaaaat! I got clothes in from Labloc, 45%Silver to tackle that shit, the 5G I mean. I think people who are EMF/R sensative already have a head start 😜

I will try remember to watch this when im on wifi.

it is very good... and makes a lot more sense than the bullshit we are hearing.

Im totally out of any news apart from certain content creators I follow for updates on what happening in the bubble..I only get suggestions of things to watch such as this, but from what I researched, 5G will give the feeling of the skin burning and make people more dum and pliable plus altering our dna structure and cancer, and fuck knows what else.

My conclusion is that they are pressing hard by poisoning food, water and air and finally our frequencys which the brain functions on. Attack from all sides.

I have not lived with a smartmeter until last year for one month, and it was very obvious its giving pressures in the skull and causing anxiety which is how I get when near one (or many)

supposedly 5g went live 6 mos ago where i live - I have worked in houses where 5G was active before it even was supposed to have gone live. It simply made me feel very dizzy and nauseous similar to what she talks about here -

Yep, it was in Oslo Norway since September, around tha same time as a mysterious dog diese that killed many dogs over the country. I think its happening in built up countrys and they use the 4G infastructure to bounce 5G waves from as we dont have yet every 50m everywhere a 5G antenna. The real5G will be when each device has a beam connecting with these new 5G antennas, then the shot really hits the fan 😕

Agreed. Agenda 21-2030. Eugenics 5G has been running in Chna for at least 2 years

Heres an old article I made when I got my hoody, they also fit over smartmeters 👍

thanks! we are moving to a rural area and hopefully that will do the trick.

In china they dont call it EMF they call it EMR R being for Radiation.. They sell maternaty clothes lined with reflective metals to protect unborn babys. Its so fucked up this is happening init.

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