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RE: Name YOUR tribe...

in #palnet2 years ago

I do support more than 1 tribe but two jump to mind when thinking about an answer on your question.

  1. Sportstalk (SPORTS): As a sports lover this is a blessing for me. Never did I see so many sports posts on steem. I really do feel at home here. So it is obvious that I am trying to stake as much SPORTS as I can.
  2. Recently rediscover is This one is devoted to steemmonsters. I did create a special account to write about my daily quests. And compared not like others a screenshot of the rewards :). Feel free to discover it at @fcb.spt

But these are mine, you did post what are yours! Really would to read about it!


Awesome, thanks @fullcoverbetting! I am keen to know more about people's favourites and the "why's" attached to them - and I am sure I am not the only one! - Appreciate the input!

Your welcome!