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Sustainable Containers, Loopstore

This publication was seen coming. Yes. After talking about a lot of ecologic and being against plastic, the time came to talk about a project that aims to return a little bit in time to that exact moment in which there was no plastic in the world. There were exactly the same products that today might remove some like smartphones. I'm talking about Loop. Join me to learn more about this special project.


If I start to count the work-spaces or products that do not have plastic I think it would reach a very small number, maybe the laboratories still use glass in some components, although there are already many implements that are made of plastic the same in operating rooms, glass, metal, and ceramics are much easier to sterilize.
The rest of the things around us are made with plastic, our clothes, computers, plates, table cloths, shower curtains, kitchen utensils, hair dryers, cars, practically everything is made, even with some fraction of a polymer.


The Loop project wants to change the rules and go back in time only to completely eliminate plastic, the project is based on recycling because we would not be using plastic, in addition to focusing on the reuse and reduction of materials made with plastics, as in times past our grandparents or perhaps a little further back, left the glass bottle and every day passed the milkman replacing it with a glass bottle full of milk.


Loop has created a series of containers that are reusable and of the highest quality that can be used to store various products. And that's great if you consider the pollution caused by making plastic. 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year. Something that doesn't make much sense is that most plastic is 100% recyclable but still ends up in garbage dumps and in proportions is very little recycled, there are no serious policies by industry in recycling plastic and other products that end up polluting the planet.


This fabulous idea is thanks to Tom Szaky, who has promoted the idea of going back in time and using models of reuse of packaging for products, so far have created alliances with some leading companies in the market, such as Coca Cola European Partners, Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Grilliance, Body Shop, Greenhouse, Thousand Fell among some companies that are already using this model to package in the Loop system to be sent to specific customers.


It works as in the case of returnable glass or beer bottles, which they fill, someone buys and then take the container to a center where it is cleaned and disinfected for reuse. In order to enjoy Loop, the person must register in the program, make their respective deposit. When the person returns the container, the deposited money is returned to the person.


The companies mentioned above are distributing perfumes, deodorants, food products, soft drinks, body lotions, mouthwash, shampoo, chocolates to name a few of the products that can be distributed.
If these agreements are given with more giant companies of the market we would be returning to the system that our grandparents used, and with it, the planet will appreciate it, although I personally think that the companies should worry about carrying out this program and pay compensation to the planet for so much damage caused.


Website loopstore

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Yes, sustainability is a very important part of life. Personally, I like glass bottles better because I think water tastes better when I drink from a glass bottle!

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