how I will vote on steemfollower. And how Justin sun could lose the war, unless there is a quick powerdown.

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For those who don't know, steemfollower is a place you can vote value in exchange for value. SSteemfollwer was created by @mahdiyari

Unfortunately the number of users using it now is small, and I would like to see more people using it.

Granted, I don't use steemfollower everyday. But, when I do, my first votes will be towards those who witness voted for the community witnesses.

That means I will literally, unless I recognize the name, use to check who a person witness votes for. I will vote for those using community witnesses first. Sadly there are still a few people who haven't voted for the community witnesses yet.

For those who don't somehow know, there are tron sock puppets and now tron appointees who've engaged in a hostile takeover. The evil witnesses are those presently running 22.5-or conveniently color coated in Red on So make sure you are voting for anyone except the red bots.

Red bad, blue good.

By voting for those who vote on community witnesses it helps ensure that new steem issued from the rewards pool goes to help push the sock puppets out.

I am not sure how over the course of 3 years the equation may have changed that penguinpablo provided. But I'll be assuming things haven't changed.

The head_block as of last look is:
the total_supply of steem+convert_sbd_to_steem(sbd) is

so (978-head_block/250000)
yeilds an inflation variable of 811.285..., the rate is 8.11285, but you'll see @penguinpablo didn't use the 9.24 in his next equation but 924 to get the steem produced per block. So some 3 years after his calculation:

811.285192*382619068/(10000x10512000)=2.9529412485277878234398782343988 steem/block.

There is a block ever 3 seconds, or 20 every minute.
so 2.9529412485277878234398782343988x(20x60x24)=85,044.708 steem produced a day.
Back then, and I don't know the number now, 75% went to the content produced/voted on. So about 63,783.531 steem can be pumped into the community a day-but it takes 7 days to completion. Let's say those supporting the tron witness bots is 20%; that is still a next positive of about 50k steem A DAY that could go to those supporting the community witnesses at optimal levels. So about a 38k net gain a day (64000(2(1-.2)).

Still 21,261.177 steem gets mixed between the witnesses and stakes SP. Unless someone else cares to do the math, I will assume for arguments sake the net displacement is about 0.

Unless Justin Sun starts voting with the developers stake, if we all treated this like a war, and voted for those who voted for community witnesses Justin Sun would have to invest close to 270k per week in steem just to play catch up. Perhaps this is why he is so eager for the chains to power down so quickly and why we shouldn't budge on a 13 week cool down-but maybe that would be giving him too much credit. @ausbitbank @aggroed

I'm Look into see if someone can create a curation trail that only votes on those who witness voted for the community witnesses. Also At the moment I only control about half my sp. The other half is almost all delegated to a dapp, but voting.

It's been tempting to buy more steem, especially when btc dipped to 4k. But the future is still uncertain with a fork still possible or btc miners turning off their gear. The Corona numbers in the USA doubles every few days, halving happens in two months, so maybe there will be a chance to be tempted again.

So anyways. When voting on a post, please look at who a person is voting for. It matters too.


Great point! I guess the really interesting and paradoxical thing is that the more Justin Sun buys and powers up, the more his interests align with the community's interests. And if he has to keep powering up just to catch up, then over time he will be more and more invested and having to do things to benefit the platform (and keep the price up and the people in) because those things benefit him also. So the more he keeps playing the game (powering up), the more his personal interests align with the community's. Very good point! And yes, we can indeed curate the content of people who are voting for the real witnesses and this will help with our governance. And we can also check who content creators are voting for and remind/encourage them to vote for the real witnesses if they aren't already!

But that is assuming our collected wallets can beat Tron Overlord Justin Sun in this race over the control over the Steem blockchain and I do encourage us all to at least try our best to defeat King Bowser as we are all little Mario Bots of the Steem Shroom Kingdom.

Yes, it's mainly assuming we can keep governance control over the chain and protect the 13-week powerdown period.

I see.

I've wrote and released a script as open source in the psuedo darkness of discord. Where? well lets not give those loyal to tron an easy way to access it. Presently I am not running it-other than a few test to get it started. Personally I would like to see some more customization to it.

Presently it is capable of reading new posts (including edited) in pretty much real time, getting the necessary post and user information, counting the number of good witnesses-refusing the bad, and excluding nsfw stuff, and requires a certain reputation threshold. if everything is met, it upvotes. If not, and the failure is not enough core witness votes, I could have it posts a comment for those not meeting the threshold simply by uncommenting few lines of code.


Yeah, second working commenting test and I get down voted by a korean whale who luckily had next to 0 downvoting power and who used it on a post that was set not to earn rewards; lol, I should have used my bot account.

At present the bot doesn't try to find stuff that I would be interested in. It finds something, and if it is in an upvote cycle, it upvotes anything that meets the basic parameters.

It is just a start anyways, I have life in self-quarentine to get back too or something. I am eager to see what other developers can do if this helps them meet their demands. Also interested to see what people leading curation trails can do with it also.

Worst case scenerio, I could develop it further myself.

My intent of course is not to be negative. I easily could set it to downvote tron supporters. maybe others could. What they do is their own decision.

The purpose of this particular bot is to upvote posts from non-Tron witnesses or does this bot have more so to do with helping people vote for non-Tron witnesses or am I totally confused?


This is currently what is on my command line from the last time I tested it. I didn't print out (echo) everything-so there are no curls responses echoed. The section below starts out with one who failed a test, and also someone who passed the test. You may have to open the image in a new window to see it.


unix time stamp
main category
raw reputation score
converted reputation score
A count of the witness list broken into pieces. There is one extra piece.
[list of wtinesses if any]
[did it make it? [see below image: if no and y>1 then display "good" witness count]]
[at this point it could upvote, comment, or do nothing-but I didn't echo it]
unit timestamp "done"


the below is from an earlier more verbose version that was still being developed:


Do you log in to Steem Follower using your private posting key or via other keys (passwords)?

Good question.

Steemfollower uses a refresh token so you only need to log in once; they can refresh it as needed. For some reason, I can't log out.

Ultimately it would be through steemconnect. Ideally you would want to use your posting key. Maybe your steemconnect password is an alternative to using your posting key, maybe it isn't. It really depends what key you told steem connect to remember-if remember is the right word.

Interesting. Thanks.

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