Using CBD To Treat Horses And Other Animals

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CBD has been working to help many different conditions in pets, including dogs, cats, birds, even horses.

There are a growing number of veterinarians today who are considering cbd as a form of treatment and more researchers are investigating the potential for healing here too.

Israeli researchers are doing some notable investigation in this area, reportedly betting on the future success of cannabis for pets. It's estimated that the cbd pet products market could reach more than $1 billion in the United States alone by 2022.

Earlier research by scientists in Colorado has found that cbd could be greatly beneficial to pets who are struggling with arthritis and epilepsy. But that isn't all.

“We saw how well a horse reacted to CBD oil drops. The horse had been taking steroids for over two years to treat a nervous skin condition and after two weeks of using [cbd], not only did the skin condition improve but the horse was taken off steroids.” - B. Mordechai, head of innovation at Weedley

Weedley is an Israeli startup that is bringing a variety of cbd pet products to the market including oil drops, balms, and treats.

Thanks to the success that they saw while using cbd to treat a horse, it prompted them to launch a research study that will specifically look at the use of cbd on horses.

The group believes that high-quality clinical studies are what's going to help inevitably advance the knowledge of the endocannabinoid system and overall acceptance of cannabis to help treat animals and more.

“What we’re doing is the opposite of what’s happening in the pharma field. We’re not using animals to find medications for human purpose; we’re creating products for pets specifically.” - B. Mordechai

Veterinarians in the United States and Canada have lobbied for the right to authorize medical cannabis for animals, including cbd treatment, but they are still heavily restricted from making those official prescriptions. Which is unfortunate, that lawmakers would rather those animals be left struggling in pain, than to decriminalize a substance that might be able to potentially bring them some healing and comfort.


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I can’t wait for this to become more widespread. It’s going to help so many animals.

@doitvoluntarily hello dear friend, a few years ago I met a dog breeder, who made his own oil from this products to inhabit his animals, especially skin diseases, according to his experiences was notorious.
Thank you very much for sharing this information
I hope you enjoy the weekend

Like your blog bro.

The funny thing is that pet stores here sell cbd oil dog treats like it was Amsterdam.

What an industry to be in.

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