Study Shows CBD Helps Lower Cigarette Use As Much As 40 Percent

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Quitting smoking is tough, and for those who attempt the feat it is often going to take them several attempts before they are successful with it.

A number of treatments and solutions have been introduced to the market to try and help people accomplish their goal of quitting, patches and gum etc, as well as an increase in popularity for mindfulness and meditation as a potential solution to help those get over their nicotine cravings.

Might cannabis be able to help?

Researchers have found that CBD might have great potential to help with overcoming a smoking addiction too.

Researchers from University College London investigated the potential of CBD specifically, to help with cigarette addiction, their study involved 24 participants who were between the ages of 18 and 35.

The participants involved in the study were required to receive an inhaler, with instructions telling them to use it any time that they felt an urge to smoke.

The participants were separated into two groups with one getting an inhaler with CBD and the other getting a placebo.

They were required to record their inhaler use as well as the number of cigarettes they smoked during the study. They were also required to rate their daily craving level and send that information in to the researchers via text message.

Participants with the CBD inhaler reported a significant reduction in the number of cigarettes that they smoked.

The CBD inhaler also wasn't seen to increase craving levels either.

By using the CBD inhaler they were able to reduce the amount of cigarettes that were smoked by roughly 40 percent during the study.

Researchers noted that they were encouraged by these findings, though they still insist that more research is required to determine how viable CBD might be for treatment for addiction to smoking.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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I know lots of folks who could benefit from this info. I myself quit about 3 times before I finally succeeded.

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Absolutely!! Good news for Virginia - the legal age was just raised to 21 for tobacco. 🙌

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It is bad for health.

Greetings @doitvoluntarily

good news for smokers who want to quit this habit

sure is, thanks for stopping by

And THC helps lower tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs...

I always advocate for full spectrum Cannabis oil... Not just thc

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I quit smoking cigarettes over 15 years ago now!

I wish I had CBD back when I was first quitting!