Growing Competition In The Cannabis Testing Market

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If you want to be sure of what you are getting when you make a purchase from a dispensary, if you don't trust the promises being made on the packagaing etc, then there are a variety of options available for third-party testing.

You can send your products in for independent testing and later find out just what sort of quality you have been buying.

You've got options like The Good Lab, AgriScience Labs, Anresco Labs, and others.

Now, even food testing facilities are looking to get involved in the cannabis market as well. One food testing lab in Vermont, known as Bia Diagnostics, which has a history of specializing in analyzing allergens, now wants to try analyzing cannabis.

It's not just for people who might want to check what levels of THC/CBD they might be getting in their products either. It's also great information for growers to have as well.

The information that can be analyzed about the plant will give data on the ideal time to harvest for example.

The main cannabinoids of interest when these tests are conducted are CBD, THC, and CBN. CBN is used as an indicator of cannabis deterioration, the age of the cannabis or poor storing conditions might impact the overall deterioration.

CBN is a non-intoxicating compound and this cannabinoid is created when THC ages. While high amounts of CBN in the product might indicate some low quality goods to some, there are others who go out specifically looking to find samples that are high in CBN. This is because CBN is known to offer a variety of potential benefits.

It's alleged to be a powerful neuroprotectant and is also believed to be a strong anti-inflammatory agent.

Thc, cbd, and cbn, aren't the only things they are searching for either.

In some regions it's also required that "legal" cannabis products be tested for dozens of different pesticides.

Issues With Falsifying Test Results

There have been some issues with people alleging that some labs have been falsifying their test results. You need to trust who you are going to for testing because there is the chance that you might be lied to about the results.

Sequoia Analytical Labs was previously forced to give back its license after it was found falsifying their test results.

They admitted to falsifying hundreds of records related to pesticide testing that were eventually supposed to be submitted to the state.

As demand for cannabis and cbd grows, etc, so too does the demand for trustworthy and transparent testing results, and the company that can provide that reliably to the people who need it, is going to be the one who wins.



A step up from getting random unknown weed in a baggie - it's nice to have lab tested thc, cbd, and terpene content of the buds. Around 27% THC buds have that extra punch to them :)

Yes bro lot of competition.