Does Cannabis Reduce Creativity?

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There are several well-known artists who have been cannabis users, including those such as Louis Armstrong, Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and many others.

It's a common belief that cannabis can inspire creativity in a variety of forms.

That cannabis has inspired creative works spanning many years. After all, there are many artists who claim to have been personally inspired by it themselves while creating different works.

Surprisingly, researchers have previously discovered that cannabis might actually reduce creativity however.

In their previous research, results indicated that regular users might be less skilled at brainstorming, and they're likely to be unable to recognize their own mistakes.

Scientists have asserted that regular cannabis users are essentially not good at creative thinking, but they still suggest that further research is needed. Interestingly, researchers concluded that it might be the age of onset, when the user first started using cannabis that could be the most critical factor.

The type of cannabis can also obviously play a significant role, as researchers have suggested that cannabis with high concentrations of THC more specifically might not improve creativity.

That's when being tested on creative thinking though and how to come up with a myriad of different solutions to a problem for example. Sure, they might be less able to brainstorm at the time but maybe it might improve their individual painting skills? Or inspire a new hit song? What works for one might not work for another, but if someone claims that cannabis helped fuel their artwork and personal creativity then who are we to argue otherwise.

Still, researchers have insisted that any perceived creative inspiration that you might think is coming from the cannabis is likely only an illusion. But there are plenty of artists and works of art that have been created which support quite a different narrative.


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Yes, yes. I find that, like most things, it affects us all differently.

I think all statements can be true to a point (regarding weed).

Sometimes, I may feel more creative when partaking, but it's more likely I've just slowed muhself down enough to get all the feels of whatever I'm working on.

I've also noticed (more so lately), that I am now MORE productive when I'm NOT high. That used to be the opposite. Though I suppose 'high' back then was more 'normal' as it was/is a medicine first and foremost... the 'high' comes after all that.

Hmmmm.... study is still out on this one... I'll have to keep paying attention and see how this (I) evolve. 😎

Different strains for different gains, some can boost creativity while others will straight up lay you on the couch!

More research is needed, but I've read a load of papers suggesting it actually does boost more than depress (years ago in college). A bit off topic but check out the Stoned Ape Theory:

It suggests other (organics) that may have assisted human brain development for thousands of years. Worth the thought.

Cheers !BEER

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If you are dumb by nature than using cannabis won't do you any good.


I think that Cannabis can help spark creativity. Unfortunately, the wandering and laziness it can also cause, takes away what could have been produced.

As a daily Cannabis user, I came to the conclusion that what Cannabis gives in one hand, it takes away with the other hand.

I will say this though, I am eternally grateful for Cannabis for bringing me to a place of mindfulness where I discovered meditation.

This is quite a dilemma @doitvoluntarily. The validity of the results depends on big a sample the researchers use doesn't it?

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