The End of the Expert Era

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It really feels like the era of the expert or the era of the degree or the era of the professional, is in a way coming to an end.

Any sane individual will always have a respect for the educated, but also any sane individual will absolutely question obvious questionable things. Anyone who thinks questioning things is dumb or problematic, is insane.

Elites fail to understand what is going on. Perhaps 'elites' is a strong overused word that liberals love to roll their eyes at, but it's the best easiest word to get the point across.

Druids, and Native Americans and other older/ancient peoples often stored stories and information in their brains, on pure memory. Very impressive stuff. I know I couldn't do that, I mean I probably could it would just take a lot of discipline and hard work.

It's arguable that mentally storing information could be unreliable or tainted, especially with time. Still, there are some advantages I believe from that old way of learning or whatnot. As long as the people are honorable and not corrupt, passing information like that could be a more truthful honest way of passing info. It also prevents teachings or stories from being literally tainted with, by removing pages or erasing or altering markings like in books. This old way of memorization likely has flaws, I will admit, but I know that modern day teachings can absolutely be flawed as well.

I love writing, but with any new fancy invention when it's in the wrong hands, people will do bad stuff with it. I don't see many liberals trying to ban writing itself huh, like they're trying to do with guns? Although in their own way they are with their 'hate speech' bullshit.

Writing, words, letters, they are so powerful man. I can only imagine when writing became more and more useful and more mainstream in the world, clever and devious minds worked to use writing to their advantage, to push their agendas. How many religious books were remade and re-written? How many libraries were burned? Wars were essentially fought over letters. Fancy markings.

How did letters, written language affect (effect?) society? People talk about internet addicts, that learn wild stuff late at night and maybe even become conspiracy theorists. Whose to say similar things did not happen when books became commonplace? I can only imagine people in libraries, just wasting away, new thoughts and ideas pooping in mind. Literally like people today and the internet.

Nowadays, people hear what they want to hear. Find information that suits their preset ideas or whatever. Opinions are then developed and solidified. I can't help but wonder, like besides religion, how many people pretty much convinced themselves of a lot of stuff. Like science. As a matter of fact, I dare wonder if science was developed by a lot of rebellious people who grew tired of the religious lifestyles that seemed to be present hundreds of years ago. These people sought their own ideas, their own answers about life.

Basically, how much info became altered or just outright incorrect overtime during this transition from more of a spoken word, to written words? People wanna talk about brainwashing nowadays. Please!

I'm not claiming science is all wrong. The thing is though, science takes credit for basically, everything. Why must it be called science all the damn time? Any useful invention, that's science? Can't it just be like common sense and cleverness?

I just saw a video on Youtube that's titled '6 animals that aren't mammals and produce milk'. That implies, I'm guessing only mammals are supposed to produce milk. While I realize the video is pretty innocent and science is not always perfect yadayadayada, the point science plays both sides. 'Oh it's science and science can be proven wrong', or it's 'we are scientists, we know all, take this harmless vaccine or you're dumb and evil'.

What the arrogant elite are not seeing today

New media, film. Live updates and communication. The internet. Things are happening live. Things that might contradict mainstream agendas. Whether it may be massive science developments, or news coverages.

Really, the internet is crapping on both spoken word and written words.

As much as news or science folk, on either side of the political spectrum, want to control stories, live video is just crapping on all of it. Combined with the insanely fast rate of speed info can be shared.

Sadly, with 'deep fakes' likely approaching that could suck when it comes to proof, but I can only hope that there will be software that can detect that sort of thing.

Elites are realizing that, in my opinion, the strongest and most important step of the sacred holy sacred can't be questioned scientific method, is being played out in front of everyone's eyes. That step is OBSERVATION.

How can any scientist question, what someone is seeing? News and Fauci can't keep sweet talking, hot taking there way out of this type of stuff. People are SEEING on a mass scale for the first time ever and people are asking a lot of questions.

People are learning. They are also realizing, scientists are not some master race of big brained bois. I think it's starting to hurt scientists egos.


I believed and to an extent I still do believe in evolution. I was taught it pretty early on in school and it seemed to make sense. We learn adapt and evolve, simple.

What gets me there is like a couple of things.

The insulting nature of our ancestors is consistent and astounding.

Darwin proposed this theory that absolutely nobody thought of and what a mastermind what a brilliant mind!! All religious folk are dumb!! God created NOTHING!

I mean, I really don't think people were that dumb and nor do I think Darwin was that brilliant at all. Matter of fact, Darwin was kind of a racist if I remember correctly.

Darwin was the first dude to ever wonder if we evolved from monkeys, really? I just seriously doubt that. It's pretty logical. Monkeys are the only creatures that look remotely like us. I remember in school thinking like, well 'yeah I could have told you that.' It is instinctual AND observable.

Still, instinctually speaking, I believe it's a serious delusion to think like humans are not different and superior to like, every other animal on the planet. I can also observe that, as a fact.

Evolution claims that when an animal has no need to adapt anymore, evolution mostly stops. I mean I know it's something along those lines.

Crocodiles have not evolved in a long ass time apparently. Why have humans gone on to dominate, the entire globe, but crocs haven't? Why do human have thumbs? Why and how did humans learn value of tools and teamwork? Humans have harnessed fire, like come on.

There have been countless apex predators over the history of the planet, but as far as we know not a single one of them have done anything remotely close to humans. Dinosaurs roamed for 165 MILLION YEARS and didn't do jack shit but run around and eat each other.

Humans in about approximately 100,000 years have populated the planet, and created so much and are still creating.

I know that there are tree hugging spiritual hippies that want to say humans are bad and dumb and stupid and just the worst. Well, that's retarded to me.

If evolution is flawless, why did humans get so far, but other animals did not?


Odds, and the placebo effect. Two potent ideas or whatever you wanna refer to them as. I think about them a lot.

I mostly want to talk about odds.

What are the odds you or I are alive? Looking around what are the odds we are human? Including plant life, bacteria or whatever, there is a lot of life. What are the odds we can talk to each other in complex language? What are the odds we can question anything?

What are the odds religion is all wrong? What are the odds science is all right?

What are the odds that earth could support life? What are the odds we are born here?

Humans are special. More special than other life forms, that I can observe.

We want love we love love. We love art. We love the simple things. We can create. We want to protect. We want to PROSPER.

Some animals may want some of those things, maybe they even want all of those things, I can't read an animal's mind. But I KNOW humans want those things, and have and will and can accomplish those things.

Actions speak louder than words, and seeing is better than believing. I can't help but feel that science is a lot more about belief, than actual sight.