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We are all so afraid of being extreme that sometimes I wonder what the consequences of being on the fence, like your entire life, would be. Maybe after the 114th booster, people might have a bit of an opinion other than just saying, "Don't you trust the science?? BUT FAUCI SAID!!!"

I wonder what it must be like to be around 85 years old, on your death bed, and still not having an opinion on anything other than just, "Well, I don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings!". Sad, pathetic.

Forcing vaccines on people, is just insane. That's an insane thing to do. The amount of contradictory data about these vaccines is insane.

People act like this is the plague, where are the piles of dead homeless people? All I hear about is hospitals literally firing medical personnel.

Vaccine companies cannot be sued. Vaccine companies cannot be sued. ??? 🚩🚩🚩???🚩🚩🚩 Why does nobody care about this?

Many Democrats are arrogantly confident in pushing things forward and performing a 'Great Reset' with like zero historical context. These people are just so certain that we must always progress, meanwhile they could not tell you what some of these progressive ideas may lead to.

They'll probably just say feel it's right. Just, because. These liberals just want to appear wise and like, futuristic or something. They really think life is a movie.

A lot of people just hate America, I'm going to be honest. They think they know what's better and how to fix everything at once when not EVERYTHING requires fixing.

It's like buying a decent 40-50 year old house that has a messed up door, or a leaky faucet, maybe the oven needs some cleaning, and just tearing down the entire neighborhood in order to build a new, better house. Then afterwards when the new house is built awfully, the ORIGINAL builders are blamed....

These people are so dramatic.

A lot of people are so dang terrified of conspiracy theories that it's actually kind of weird. Like, you're scared of a theory? That sounds like a mental problem, bro

Many conspiracies have been proven to be entirely true, partially true, or obviously entirely false. But to ignore every conspiracy, is pretty stupid. It just is.

Conspiracies have taught me that even experts are flawed, and make mistakes and have EGOS. Experts are simply human. I've learned not to bow down to experts anymore.

Conspiracies also often times humble me and bring me back to reality. A lot of times scientists are simply fancy salesman, out to persuade. If I can't see it or test it myself, I'm not going to instantly believe it. Let alone spend time over-thinking and over-worrying about it.

Space, for example, a very cool place, apparently. Lots of fascinating floating rocks and emptiness. Really, jaw dropping stuff. YAWN.

There are countless people obsessed with space when they've literally just seen pictures. They literally don't know a single person personally that's been to space. They probably won't ever go to space. Sure it's cool but imagine obsessing over something you can't touch, or go to ever. I mean dang, after the Moon Landing in the sixties, what the heck has NASA been doing?

When it comes to Covid, what would happen if I liked, peed on a sample of the virus with, you know, hot liquid, that is my pee. Would my pee kill it? They say to wash with warm water right? Are there any studies about hot urine and Covid-19?

I can't see Covid, I am unaware if or how much I may have touched Covid. I don't know a single person that's been hospitalized or died from this virus.

But I do know that many experts tell me I should be locking my doors and hiding under the blanket for this microscopic virus that I am so much bigger than that I probably couldn't even comprehend it. Imagine a lion running from a fly...

I remember looking in microscopes in science. Examining cells and crap like that. I remember seeing weird pictures of color that was boring as hell. I remember hearing my science teacher tell me how these weird tiny pictures work and so basically I believed the teacher. I never thought twice about it.

Science was always the weirdest class to me. Unless I was learning about Earth or animals or something I could actually touch, it was such a waste of time.

I couldn't tell you a single way public school science has improved my life. I don't give 'science' credit for everything either. Computers and laptops and cars are amazing inventions but I think it also involved like trial and error, and cleverness. Yeah, arguably that is science, but so is me wiping my butt after I take a crap. Good job, science.

Conspiracies have taught me what I should and should not be worried about. If that mindset kills me it kills me, but um, so far so good.

People love to hate religion. They point out all the corruption and suffering religion has caused society over the years. I wonder if people would prefer the world before religion. I guess these people miss the constant wars that raged throughout the world before religion.

Yeah, religion caused wars too but like, there's wars about A LOT of other things as well. I could make the argument that while religion did cause wars throughout history, religion also led to the most peace humans have seen, ever, which would be NOW.

What if you gave wolves or like, maybe monkeys, the ability to communicate better, and then somehow gave them a religion? Would these animals continue to be wild animals or would their population increase over time and would they evolve? Beats me, but it's an interesting thought that came to me right now as I write this.

Movies and TV and other sources love to make nature and animals seem so peaceful and precious. Some liberals even have the audacity to claim that animals are wiser than humans based on some kind of hippy logic.

Meanwhile animals literally eat and murder each other viciously. Yeah so do humans, but think about it. Animals can't even produce enough of themselves to have wars or mass evil acts because, they are too busy constantly killing each other. Perhaps that is simply put, but where am I wrong?

Oh yeah isn't it an interesting coincidence that as society gets less connected to religion, to God, wouldn't you know it, Russia has been sniffing around looking for something to possibly invade.

There have been MANY people alive before us, and sure some forms of progression is good, but many people act like EVERYONE from the past were just dumb savages. I can't wait to hear their temper tantrums when the next generation dismisses THEM as ignorant and old fashioned in like, 2065.

Religion is something engrained in us naturally, I believe. If the world can actually chill, and stop trying to think they are beyond or better than God, than I bet things would improve in the world.

I trust in the one and only most important expert and that is God.


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