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Next year, this date will be a bit more trippy. in 2033, this date will be extra trippy LOL.

I wonder if I'm going through seasonal depression. I don't know it's hard to say. Google will probably tell me I am. I just feel like blah.

I remember learning a few weeks back, that it's starting to be more and more likely that humans practiced a form of hibernation during winter months. Perhaps that's where seasonal depression could come from. My body doesn't want to do anything around these months, but I'm forcing it to. Like I said who knows.

Some sayings/or like fragments of thought stay stuck in my head always.

'Your truth', the 'placebo effect', and 'it's all about perspective bro'.

Those sayings are kind of weird but common and probably harmless. There's probably nothing to them whatsoever. But it got me thinking. Overall I am a big fan of school and stuff. I do think it's important and valuable. I do find it odd at times though.

Is it a good thing to have a bunch of kids just be told stuff by teachers? Teachers who were told stuff by other teachers. Much of this stuff is simply memorized from writings, books. As if there are solid truths in this world, and a finite amount of answers to life.

What if school allowed for like discovery? What if everyone individually learned and gained knowledge organically like by themselves? It probably would be really difficult, and I don't even know if what I'm saying makes any sense.

For example, what if there were ways for teachers to prove/teach lessons by making the students feel like they discovered the right answers on their own.

But to take this down a much trippier lane, what if everyone had their own unique way of learning about the world? Their own way of understanding?

Science seems to be really restrictive in that way. I don't know. It's the science way or the highway.

Even though science is wrong constantly. Science pretends to know everything, once it's questioned, Science says 'science doesn't claim to have all the answers' and crap like that. That's just convenient isn't it?

Science can only be corrected and proven wrong, by other scientists..... Get a magical degree by memorizing the magical university's magical books..... then the privilege is granted.

Big Pharma and their terrible history, and the whole legend of Nikola Tesla just makes me wonder more and more, where is the real 'science'?