This is Scary and it’s gonna get worse!

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This #deepfake video is all over YouTube right now and it shows you how confusing this sort of stuff will become in the future. This is Computer generation obviously and it’s not even that good really. In the future this technology will be so good and look so perfect, we may never know what is real vs. fake ever again. The world is changing and dis information is rising.


Someone will make a video like this that will trigger a war, I’m calling it now

We live in a "post fact world"!

How long will this last on YouTube?

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the artificial intelligence will take things to a whole new level like these

Very good bronconut posting.

Asi es amigo,gracias por tan importante informacion,espero pase un buen Domingo y poder contar con su buen voto a mis publicaciones ya que mi fuente de ingresos y se me ha visto dificil ,esto muy bajo,Dios lo bendiga y gracias por ayudarme, lo necesito


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Wow! That looked pretty darn real to me! Gonna be real interesting with the presidential debates and election coming around. Gonna get comfy with a bucket of popcorn and watch the circus live from where ever I am.

Currently back in Thailand. Been a while since I stopped by. Been so busy traveling the world with my new girlfriend.

Hope you are well Mr. Nutz! Keep up the great work!

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Good point @broncnutz

Amount of scams that will blossom accross the globe will be most likely insane :/


when making a fake video of Donald Trump, why make him say exactly what he is saying in a "normal" day? :-D

Deep fake means we are in deep trouble. Maybe news in the future will need a higher level of proof to be broadcasted. Unfortunately this will be difficult in social media and such, but is it possible to make a "trouth blockchain" were objective facts everybody agrees upon is proving, disproving or giving the news an "unkown" status?

Yeah tech and AI will really blur reality as we know it.

This is a big problem! Savvy people can tell it's fake, but I guarantee you there are people that will think this is real. When the tech improves, which it has already by the way, it will fool even the most savvy. We are heading for a dystopian world.

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