What's new on Steem? NFT's, Power down time, Proposals, and TRIBES.

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Proposals to lower the Power Up? I have heard some good submissions and weighed my own opinion. My opinion is rather non-biased as I have very little to contribute economically wise. So I should know my place! Who the hell am I to criticize right?

Lets make this clear; I'm a little guy when it comes to STEEM. 5000 SP is nothing. But that's fine! Many small accounts make up Steem and are getting peanuts; but what would Steem be without the peanuts. I have complained about whale's in the past; but maturity, understanding, and knowing your place is the key to sticking around.

Cronyism is everywhere. If you understand psychology than Steem is not a fantasia-cal world. It's like Amazon in many respects. Order your shit cheap but realize the top wigs are screwing the system on a larger scale. Don't like the comparison? Well perhaps these models aren't sustainable.

For instance, Amazon can get your shit quicker and cheaper than retail. But what happens to retail? These stores provide to the general economy jobs. When these stores close down; the economy is going to suffer. So perhaps it's good in the short term, but being sustainable in the long run may not be scale-able because more people are broke without money to spend.

So where does knowing your place come in? Well you could be posting on facebook and Instagram for free. So stop complaining; even if you get peanuts!

Now moving on to the quicker power downs. Well this comes down to the unsustainable model. Whales with big money can come in; upvote themselves or even others for 50% rewards WHILE powering down and just leave soon after. Steem will not be locked in, and their strategy to rape the rewards pool is quicker and more efficient.

Perhaps short-term it can bring the price up; but whales with money want to make money. It's as simple as that. You can debate psychology all you want; but I believe this is like Amazon. Some got their shares quicker than others, and some got some pre-mined.

Not fair? Go somewhere else. Sustainable? Probably not and many in cryptocurrencies know it. Talk to the guy's who lost 90% from Steem; you won't be seeing them back unless they can get in and out quickly. I'm sure they were shitting in their pants watching their value shrink to nothing while their power downs were taking longer to get out. By the time they were able to get out.. their value was gone.

I will say what saved my experience was Steem-Engine tokens. What Steemit inc couldn't and still hasn't been able to accomplish; Steem-Engine mimicked without cloning the chain.

So then, let's move on to Tribes.

I love the Neoxian Tribe because it's not for the money. The community is rather generous and keeps politics to a minimum. Unlike other Discord channels you have peace and structure. I have been on plenty of Discord servers relating to tribes and they are pretty much full of cooks, racists, and dis pleasurable people.

Leo is also another Tribe that has focus and structure. I cannot fault those Tribes for doing anything other than business as usual. Can these tribes scale and expand? This is a different question which does not relate to this blog.

If I haven't mentioned 'your' tribe it's not because it's 'bad', I just can't put my energy into every one of them. Some are just pure shit and even evil, but I'll let you decide for yourself.

I am also part of a project called BTCMYK. It's a project that wishes to utilize Steem technology rather than having a condensor. For instance the token will now be trading on EOS and Telos Dex. What I got from it is that Steem-Engine is VERY easy to setup on the DEX. These other tokens are a pain in the ass to do. The Steem technology is fast, no fee's and let's you have user names. I'm sure I'm leaving out plenty; but I'm generally a laymen.

In the end, expansion and bridging crypto's is a good thing. It is sustainable in many respects and can scale.

BTCMYK is deflationary and 20% is going to be burned VERY soon. That's a big number. By next month close to half the tokens will already be gone never to be seen again. Miner cost and token distribution will reduce by the same amount as the burn rate so the sell pressure on the tokens won't be there like it is now. This is a great experiment.

Neoxian is really a tribe with a lot of talent. Coders, crypto guru's, and crazy guy's like myself. What I do like is the multiple ideas I haven't seen in other tribes and the demanded respect. I agree with rules and respect them. If you don't go create your own anarchy token and Discord.



With NFT's I will be able to one day issue key's to the Bear Inn. There will be treasure to find, but you will need to pay to enter. This is a great utilization of the Steem token. This is some of the vision that comes out of tribes.


Anyways hope you enjoyed or hated my rant. It may or many not be picked up and voted by a whale. That's fine! I am here for myself and my expectations are my own.

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