Siri is listening.. so What?

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Centralization is a word feared by many in the crypto-sphere. Some people feel the need to be free and have liberty. It is my belief that we need centralization for certain rules with strongly mixed liberty and freedom. With that being said, I do not believe myself to be have extreme idealistic deologies. I believe there is nature, nuture, technology, and spirituality (in all faiths).

I also need to strike a balance between goodwill and survival. In the world of survival we hope to the almighty power that rules our life that I will be kept from being murdered, robbed, assaulted etc. In the world of open ended goodwill without minimum constraints would lead to chaos. Without rules you would be left broke and homeless by others who would take advantage. It takes one bad apple..

We see today what happens with centralized powers ie.. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the data collectio law suites. Now here is the kicker; they want their own crypto now! This is some extremely scary stuff as not only is your personal life embedded in databases (plural) but your financial records and buying habits are now exposed. What is the next step; mandatory blood checks and sexual profiling?


Seriously lets think about it. We give thumb prints, facial scans, voice recognition, Iris scans.. what's next BRAIN SCANS?
With the advent of AI you will probably need some time of proof that cannot be replicated. Perhaps brain waves or saliva? Come lick your iPHONE..


The point of this blog and analysis is not to go too far into the future but to examine the here and now. These types of controls in my opinion are a Red Zone on liberty and rights. There is however the argument that sometimes we are alright with the invasion of privacy. We enjoy our iphones and gadgets. Perhaps we think of ourselves as average normal people who aren't so bad.. maybe we just do not care.

So moving onto something more relevant I'll give my 2 cents (literally) on some centralization.

From what I believe, new tribes have the power to block users and we have a centralize exchange. Perhaps we have noble people in place, but bad apples do exist. From what I understand purely rational understandings will turn Steem-Engine into something much less centralized.

"it's modeled after Steem, so it should be really familiar to people. We'll have a rotating set of witnesses that help assemble our chain. We expect our testnet to be up shortly after HF21 is implemented (end of August)."

Here you go! Some things are recognized as centralized and liberty and freedom are addressed. For all of us cruel little dictators out there, sometimes we all have to get along.


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There you go folks.. centralization ;) Maybe it had something to do with me dumping my 500 STEM on the open market.

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It has “I”think to do with their tag! Science technology surveillance.. ok and it wasn’t creative at all it’s not having to do with the creative arts?? Sorry I thought I was also bringing some philosophy and culture.

Perhaps flag curators just don’t like certain things or have a much different perspective.

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lol biased made some good creative posts didn’t see you upvote it like watsup at least she is honest when she downvoted but thanks for the tacky reply.

Your making great points, we scream we have the endless options now adays but i belive we are also getting way more controled, do to all this tec advantedges.. &&

What is the next step; mandatory blood checks
we actualy already do, for sexual transmited & HIV... all you got to do, is get pregnant ;)

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