Pole shifts are real! This 42,000 year old tree say's so!

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Watched an interesting STEM related post from this Youtuber:
Anton Petrov

In the Northern part of New Zealand an ancient tree common to the area was found. Preliminary results of the study of the tree's life rings showed that it had a life of 1500 years; 42,000 years ago. this Tree could help us discover what happened to life on earth around 42,000 years ago.

figure 1

Initial findings show that magnetic field was almost non-existent at the time; which doesn't mean life was over, but it has implications on modern society (technology). If evidence of pole changes are true it shows we are due for a relatively quick event that will last a few hundred years. What chaos this could cause with various technologies. It will be hard to adopt to such a scenario. Listen it's not meant to illicit worry as we already have Yellow Stone, Solar flares, Asteroids etc..
nobody said life in the Universe would be easy ;)

As human beings we create multiple roofs over our heads. These roofs surve to protect us from the environment, and now change our environment. Not only are we changing our home climate inside of our homes; we are now putting on virtual headsets to experience other worldly desires. Sure much of everything we do has mysteries upon mysteries; but like any roof; it could fall off.

With the race for new technologies will mother nature (or universal nature) protect from such an event? Or do those universal natural laws ensure these cycles happen.


This is why studying the tree's life cycle rings may help to show any kind of changes to environment, or even life on earth
at that time.

The pole shifts are accelerating at 55 k/m in the wondering magnetic north. flips before (North to South).

credit: NASA



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