Life of a Hashtag: How important it has become

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Hello folks! Sunday Morning to some..


Binary, non-binary

Whatever you want to call this crypto land; it needs some helping with navigation and fast. The past couple of weeks has seen some major changes within the STEEM blockchain, but it hasn't made navigation for a novice steemian or whatever you want to call them. It's in fact become confusing for a more veteran Steemian like myself.


Which way do we go? How do we post? I am part of a couple of communities I love, but some other really cool communities are popping up as well. When it was just a single coin; STEEM/SBD it was simple, but now if I don't have the proper hashtag or my post isn't thoughtful enough to be part of that 'community' it could get flagged.

I used to want rewards, but with all of the choices like with miners and front-ends I won't get the proper rewards; or will I? Thinking of a post and then presenting it to only a few communities can be limiting. Do I want to be rewarded in #creativecoin #stem #palnet #neoxian #steemleo #int #steamace ???

You get the picture. With Steemit only giving 5 tags to allow, steempeak not showing every tribe you could have been rewarded from just seems perhaps I am ahead of what needs to be done. The motivation for this post was trying to see if some other posts were rewarded in a certain token. Wouldn't we want to make a post that yields the best result?

Could we perhaps see posts specifically related to the top trending coins? This is the future of a tokenized blogosphere. The STEEM Multiverse is perhaps just the Universe now. Perhapse is the only place to have multiple tags. Making a single post can take some time, and now we have to decide what we are getting 'paid' for.


Why the Wing Commander post? In case I don't have a valid hashtag for certain communities ;)


If you post from one of the new frontends you have 10 tags at your disposal. Could become limited as well with the ongoing rise of new tribes and communities, but for now it is better than five

one of them ?

any of them, like, or, or, or etc etc etc

I’ve just been blogging as usual, letting myself put more content out there, and using the new interfaces to organize my posts.

Marlians gets all my ulogs - so now there is an interface that shows only my ulogs.

Could I be earning more tokens? Perhaps. But I like being able to consolidate my posts.

As more communities come out, my blog can have more “sections.”

I even have a gaming section for my blog now. This is great 👍🏽

Maybe you should think less about rewards and more about Communities. ✌