I'm a Trekkie and I'm going to spoil the **** out of Star Trek: Picard s01e02 *Spoilers*

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Please refer to my previous blog for Picard review!


Flashback Android kills everyone after being over-writed!


Picard begs for help from:


Over-conceited Feminist who disregards and disrespects the captain / admiral.. after thinking it through she investigates more. This alerts the super secret secret sect controlling all.



She is part of the super secret sect. Romulan base investigating and converting old Borg enemies. She is working with someone on that Borg base. It's for research; but something more insidious is coming down that line.


6.5 / 10


Watched the eps yesterday. I'll agree, meh sums it up nicely. Hopefully it will get better !

you have to have some meh episodes..there will be some good ones. It plays out more like a drama. Stupid Thespians.