I'm a Trekkie and I'm going to spoil the **** out of Star Trek: Picard s01e01 *Spoilers*

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I grew up with Star Trek The Next Generation. All information on this post is a spoiler.

So STFU if you keep on reading.


I watched the first episode, and to be honest I love Patrick Stewart. He's more than likely a stupid fking Lefti-Hollywood 'thespian' on his 20th wife.. but whatever.


Synopsis: Picard f'ked up somewhere and people died. He really shouldn't be blamed but his cause goes on. Old man Logan inspired.. look it up.

So Data a beloved character from the STNG universe died from a previous movie. He is a synthetic life form with morals and values. He died,but backed himself up first and produces twin daughters. One dies and one lives. The one who lives is possibly on a 'bad' side and lives in a stranger environment. A Borg Cube (look it up) on a possibly Romulan base (look it up).

Till next Episode. The End.


Overall Rating 7.3 / 10


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I think you are fair in your review. I grew up with the original series but have respect for next gen.