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Titled, "'UFOs' are coming out of black holes and altering galaxies forever: 'It's all very new science'"

I'll be honest I think this was a little click-bate as UFO's are unidentified flying objects. We tend to believe this to be little grey Aliens.

"According to research published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, hot ionized gas — known as an ultra-fast outflow (UFO) — is flying out of supermassive black holes and could help explain why there is nearly empty darkness encompassing the center of several galaxies."

If the Universe had excrement, it probably would be in the form of Black Holes excreting HOT Ionized GAS. The well known phrase, "life imitates art" is perhaps wrong. Art truly imitates life. Perhaps we are looking at the Universe in the wrong way. Maybe the hole simulation of reality is part of a GIANT organic Universe. After all the Universe is said to be expanding at ever faster light years in order that reality not collapse.

A Black hole is a region of space-time where even particles and radiation such as light cannot escape from inside it. The theory of general relativity believes that when a sun or star collapses it forms a region in space that literally sucks in all matter; including light


The event horizon or "points of no return", i.e., the boundary at which the gravitational pull of a massive object becomes so great as to make escape impossible. So then how is HOT ionized gas coming out?


If these observations were to be true and more common than thought, this would have many implications. One of my own theories is that whatever was sucked in, perhaps was digested and moved into an alternate reality or Universe. At best this is a post for #STEM; at worst it's a post for #ASS. Both have a place in this Universe and are more connected then we though. If the Universe is modeled like biological organisms that consume and excrete; then the notion of all life being fairy dust seems to hold a lot more water.

Is Our Entire Universe An Atom In A Different Dimension? Looking inside of our own biology and going down to the atomic scale sure looks like a Universe of it's own. The implications of something actually escaping black holes would truly change the way we observe the universe.


Is Our Entire Universe An Atom In A Different Dimension? yes theyre called God Worlds, Ecka Veca etc