Be your own MONA LISA?

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Deep State, Deep Fake let's just have fun!

AI is now transforming your pictures into classical portraits. I would say it's a novelty and even something I would expect Instagram to do for free. In any case I checked out the site and it looks 'ok'. Deep Fake material is using AI and transporting someone else's face onto a video capture. It's getting to be a scary world. With Neurolink and Deep Fakes we will need to be even more vigilant with our privacy. This is the need for encryption; crypto all the way!

Museum-worthy portrait?

Summary - The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab have built an app allowing us transform any 'face' into a classical portrait.
Upload a selfie and the AI does the rest. Fake watercolor, oil or ink portraits.

Draws from Artistic designs from 'Rembrandt', 'Van Gogh'

The founders of the site say they will NOT use your personal info and submit it to the government. - SURE

Buyer Beware!


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