Pyramids might be much older then we were told and their purpose is still unknown

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Recently I started to follow few interesting profiles on Twitter and they gave me an idea to write about. Today I want to say a few words about the pyramids.

There was this interesting instance that the pyramids were found in Europe in specific in Bosnia. The problem was that no scientific community wanted to confirm this claim.

The complex is apparently made from naturally occurring hills shaped in the form of the pyramid. The complex is interesting but it is a pyramid-shaped hill. It is not an artificial pyramid or some sort of a tomb as in Egypt and the whole thing was pronounced to be a hoax.

The other thing is that usually, people who write about Egyptian pyramids and tombs confused these two things. Apparently some sources claim that there were no bodies ever found or mummies ever found exactly inside the pyramids. But even the Wikipedia and other sources claim otherwise.

Reports about it usually say that the mummy was found inside of the pyramid. Later on, they correct it was found next to it or in the area, but not inside of the pyramid itself. That adds to the confusion.

This happens as frequently and as the same as with any other thing. Media likes to make a title more clickable or they may consider the entire pyramid of the complex as one thing. I can only speculate that a pyramid itself might be a monument of some kind. Many pyramids are older than the sarcophagus's people claimed they contain.

For a fact, we probably will never know what the pyramids were or what their purpose was. But nobody would make such a huge building or something so profound just to be a grave to nobility.

There is some sort of the chambers near of the pyramids containing something that look like the boxes. But those boxes are huge and are almost impossible to believe that those were made for human beings. It was said they are made for the holy bulls, but again it is a little bit too far fetched.

I think there was even a mention of how the walls of the pyramids were decorated additionally.

Inscriptions were made much after the pyramids were built so they even may pre-date Egyptian history.The Sphynx itself is much older than the science officially says.

It was said that the Sphinx was created somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 years before Christ and there’s a huge difference to official claims.

It looks like they were the work of some long forgotten but advanced civilization that predates the ancient Egyptians.

The pyramids for their unusual shape don’t even look like the temples.Some people speculate they could be some type of an energy-generating building, but of what sort?

Many people by the single glance on them claim the pyramids appear to look like something that was created in another world.

They were built from huge blocks, with precise techniques and very clean and clear design.

Many people do not believe that they were built just for the sake of a graveyard. They were probably made into some sort of deity worship architecture much later.

The same thing as Egyptian pyramids was found all over the world plus very precise evidence of ancient nuclear weapons as well.

Whoever built the pyramids might blow themselves before we managed to swing off the trees.
Maybe even the ancient aliens.

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