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RE: Steem and (tribe) token progress!

in #palnet2 years ago

Half the tags now are just to use tokens. It's quite strange actually.
Personally, I think people are going to be turned off by Steem when they see posts with tags within tags within tags and people discussing all this stuff. It's just too complicated for the average person. Hopefully, my forecast is offset by people who join tribes just to be a part of a tribe and not care about Steem, but I'm not sure when that can happen or if anyone wants to put any serious investment into a tribe at this point.

Let's take sports, for example, it's valued at like 22 million dollars and its daily volume is less than 500 dollars. That's unhealthy. What is their plan to get volume up or are people just collecting the token for no purpose? It's the middle of the road example and something with wide appeal. But when I looked into it I found no organization, no leadership structure, no plan. It's just a forum that looks like reddit did around 10 years ago.