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RE: Steem and (tribe) token progress!

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Hey when did you reach dolphin? I thought that wasn't coming until the end of the year? :D


Around a month ago!
Did some investments and had some luck with the games!
So happy I did reach it earlier than planned. For the moment I don’t have any targets (yet) besides trying to win back my money on some gambling dapps!

But the more I do think about Steem the less I like it. Normally I would post daily at least once but last Sunday I even couldn’t find the motivation to post!
It feels like steem is less about blogging and more about other things!
Steem-engine did create lots of opportunities for some. People are again posting to earn, regardless of quality! Not that all my posts do have good quality but I do hope that none of them could considered a shit post!

With all the tokens I do question if steem itself can keep up its value! People are posting to earn, convert to tokens to steem and then bring them to the market! For me one of the reasons why the value of steem did get a big blow!


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Good luck winning your money back - a dangerous game :)

Personally I don't think the Tribes have devalued STEEM, and should the market turn the blockchain should gain popularity because of them.

Oh and congrats for making it to 5000 with 4/5 months to spare!

It for sure is! So I will do it with precaution!

Don’t get me wrong. I really love the tribes. Take for instance sportstalk, never did I see some many sports post on the steem blockchain.
And I could earn much more there if I would write a daily sportspost but I am not willing to do that!
I like to write about different things. Hence which explains why I am not growing fast(er) at most tribes!

And the tribes did also give us to try out for the 50/50 split. Still curious how that will change the rewards. And how the bidbots will react on that. Because HF21 will not erase them! They will probably just double the upvote value and get rich with curation rewards.

But time will tell I guess!

Already missing Mallorca?
Asked the wife yesterday if she was willing to sell everything we have here in Belgium and move to there! The reaction wasn’t negative but it is unlikely that we will do this!

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I'm trying to write daily but it is tough, the rewards are better for curators so i don't feel like i am missing out so much.

I am not too hopeful for HF21, 22 will be better.

Yes I miss the sunshine! When your kids are old enough I think you should emigrate somewhere nice and warm :)

People do underestimate how much time a decent post costs. Too bad I am staying out of sight of the most big accounts.

But it is what it is.

HF22 with SMT? Still no clear idea how that would change steem because I don’t understand it.

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