A 70 Million Years Old Fossil Of A Dinosaur Discovered In Argentina

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During the world wide lock-down, scientists have discovered a fossil, dated at 70 million years old, of a 'megaraptor' dinosaur in Argentina. A megaraptor is believed to be one of the last carnivorous dinosaurs to have walked upon the planet, and the fossil found measured around 10 metres.

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Because of the movies we have heard of the Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex), a vicious carnivore made popular by a certain film which broke most box offices. But what do the scientists say regarding this new find?

According to paleontologists, the Megaraptors were slimmer than the T-Rex, who were built for speed and having a long tail which gave it balance. They had longer steps due to their legs which were elongated and muscular.

And Fernando Novas, a paleontologist who has been working on this claimed that

The defining characteristic of megaraptors was that they had very long arms and that their thumb ended in a claw of approximately 15 inches

So for you dinosaur buffs out there, this find should be exciting because now we do have the fossil of a creature which till now was just an object of academic deductions, and I am sure we will now find out some more facts after detailed studies are conducted on the fossil.


Wait a minute, I thought the Earth was only 3,000 years old? Jk

Lol! Or 6000 years?

We all know that we don't know.

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